Best Automatic In-Ground Pool Cleaners

There are two broad categories of swimming pools, i.e., in-ground and above ground pools. While the former is a cheaper large water trough, you buy and assemble in your backyard the latter is a hollow water basin you dig in your front/backyard. Above ground pools are temporary and cheaper. In-ground pools, on the other hand, happen to cost thousands of dollars more.

While more expensive, inground pools are the most popular as they improve your landscape, act as a place for exercising and add value to your home. In-ground pools fall into fiberglass, concrete, vinyl and alternative finishes (pebble aggregate) categories (based on their surfaces). Before we look into how to clean inground pools, let’s see why they are famous.

Advantages of Inground Pools

There are other reasons why pool owners prefer inground pools over the relatively cheaper above ground types. Here some of the benefits of inground pools over their above-ground counterparts:

  • Durable: Unlike the temporary above ground pools, an average inground pool can outlast 50 years.
  • Quality: A fiberglass, concrete or vinyl pool is better than a plastic resin. In-ground pools are made of quality material than the temporary above ground ones.
  • Deep End: Unlike above ground pools which treat you to a uniform depth, inground pools can have a deep end for diving.
  • Additional Features: You can attach lighting, waterfalls, spas and even fire features to an inground pool. This may not be possible with an above ground pool.
  • Aesthetic Value: Unlike above ground pools, an inground pool has an aesthetic value to your home, and you can place flower beds around it.
  • Design Options: You don’t just get to decide the size of your pool (which can be considerably large) but get to choose a custom shape depending on your taste.
  • Easy to maintain: Unlike above ground pools where you must clean the exterior regularly, in-ground pools are easier to keep clean.

With proper maintenance an inground pool last the longest. Now, how do you maintain these essential investments? Well, you can clean manually on your own (a very tedious job by any standard), hire a swimming pool professional (mostly an expensive move) or buy an inground pool cleaner.

✅ Top 3 Automatic Inground Pool Cleaners

Automatic pool cleaners fall into three groups namely Suction-side (use a diaphragm to create a hopping motion that propels the cleaner), Pressure-side (use water pressure to sweep debris of your pool) and Robotic (use electric power to navigate and clean your pool). While there are several examples of inground pool cleaners, these three are the most popular:

  • Baracuda G3: A low-cost yet effective Suction-side cleaner from Zodiac with the ability to clean your corners, ladders, and steps. G3 model doesn’t scuff your pool, unlike the wheeled cleaners.

 You may want to read customer reviews to get the whole picture.

  •  Polaris Vac-Sweep 280: A powerful Pressure-side cleaner from Zodiac Pool Systems Inc with an intake valve that can collect both fine dirt and large debris. The best choice if your pool has chopped leaves.

 Have questions about this product? Get answers on from the manufacturer here

  •  Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus: A workhorse Robotic- cleaner from Maytronics with a long cord to cover the largest pools and great brushes to remove even the most stubborn stains. The best choice if your pool has an unusual shape.

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Why robotic inground pool cleaners are the best

While each category of automatic inground cleaners has pros and cons, robotic machines outshine the rest. Here is are some reasons why you may pick a robotic cleaner for your inground pool:

  • Energy efficient: While they use electricity to operate, robotic cleaners consume less energy than a regular light bulb.
  • Saves Money: Robotic cleaners are expensive but compared to hiring professional pool cleaners or using other cleaners that run on the pool filtration system, they cost effective in the end
  • Safe Pool Chemicals Levels: Since they eliminate all types of debris and algae from your pool, there is no need to use string concentration of Chlorine on your pool.
  • Saves Water: Robotic cleaners don’t use pool filter to clean dirt which means there is no need backwashing (a process that wastes much water).
  • Easy to Maintain: Remove the debris cartridge, empty and clean it; that’s how easy it is to maintain your robotic pool cleaner
  • Best Cleaning Result: Thanks to advancement in technology, robotic machines clean better than the pool system, suction-side, and pressure-side cleaners. Robotic cleaners can eliminate all types of pollutants, be they chemicals or bacteria something you can’t do through manual cleaning.

Robotic cleaners, unlike other automatic inground pool cleaners, do not require assembling or complicated setup. You dip the machine in water, switch the power on and relax.


From every angle you look at it, in-ground pools are popular and have more benefits than above ground pools. When it comes to cleaning you inground pools, you need an automatic cleaner that is not just effective and but also saves you money in the long run. As to which type of pool cleaner to go for given to choose from Suction, Pressure or Robotic it is best you go for the robotic pool cleaners.

Not only are robotic cleaners for inground pools offer faster and superior cleaning, but they also help prolong the life of your pool. How? Well, since robotic cleaners neither need your pool system to clean nor eliminate debris, the pool system is free from frequent backwashing and associated wear and tear. In addition to all these, you end up saving money by using robotic pool cleaners. The robot may be expensive, but it is a one-off payment and compared to what you might spend on hiring others to clean your pool (especially if it as busy one), robots are a cheaper option

Don’t hesitate to check some of the links above to find deals, read customer reviews and answers from the manufactures of some of the favorite in-ground pool cleaners today. Types of pools, type of automatic in-ground pool cleaners and why robotic cleaners are the best)


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