Baracuda Zodiac MX8 Suction-Side Cleaner

Zodiac MX8, as the name suggests, is a product of the pool cleaner giants Zodiac. You can, therefore, expect it to be rich in features, energy efficient and above all pocket-friendly. Zodiac MX8 mimics robotic pool cleaner both in design and regarding specifications. However, it still depends on your pool filtration system to work and therefore falls under suction-side cleaners.

As far as the features are concerned, MX8 has it all. From a rugged track that makes it climb walls with ease to a power-efficient turbine, Zodiac leaves nothing to chance. In addition, the pool cleaner has some of the easiest to connect hoses and the fact that you can adjust the size of debris the machine can handle makes it even more convenient.

Some of the reasons Baracuda MX8 is fast becoming popular have everything to do with its flexibility when it comes to what type of inground pool it can clean. The Suction cleaner can handle most if not all types of pool surfaces and has a 39ft hose to handle medium size pools without problems.

Features & Benefits

Here is a look at the features that set Zodiac MX8 apart; the features that make others confuse the suction-side with a robotic pool cleaner:

  • Flex Power Turbine that uses the least energy and making the cleaner the best choice for variable-speed pumps.
  • Twist-Lock Hose to quickly connect the hoses; making the installation process one of the easiest.
  • Dual Cyclonic give this cleaner extra vacuum power for superior cleaning.
  • maX-Drive Navigation provides the cleaner with the ability to move 360° so that it can best cover your pool
  • X-Trax a rugged track to improve manoeuvrability and climb walls and steps. It can clean your pool waterline
  • Adjustable Intake: The machine has a convertible intake enabling you to adjust it to take in larger or fine debris depending on what’s in your pool

Apart from the above features, MX8 is capable of Wide Cleaning Path enabling it to clear a lot of dirt and debris in one move.

✅ Why Buy Zodiac MX8 Pool Cleaner?

Want a suction cleaner built to deal with the most stubborn of debris but still cost less than $500, look no further than Zodiac MX8. The machine has features that you are not common with pool cleaners in its class. From the dual cyclonic suction to the premium design you are getting more vacuum power and better cleaning than you can ever bargain for.

Efficiency for less is one of the reasons Zodiac MX8 already features on Amazon’s Bestselling Suction cleaners. Check out what other pool owners are saying about MX8 to see why this is a must-have pool tool irrespective of the type of your pool. And since opportunity and chance favors the prepared, don’t hesitate to take advantage of the fair pricing.

✅ Buying Checklist

There are things to consider before ordering or paying for your MX8. You have a pool, and you want it to stay clean, so you’ve set to buy Zodiac MX8, but is that all? No, there are questions you need to answer and factors to look into first. For instance:

  • Does your pool have a slow flow rate? Zodiac MX8 works better on slow pumps
  • The decision to buy used Cleaner should only coke in if you are on a low budget otherwise go for a new Zodiac MX8 for premium cleaning
  • Is the seller/manufacturer giving a service warranty of 1 year or more? If not, stay away from the product
  • Check (physically if you can) that all the features are part of your product and that it ships with every component. No need to pay for Zodiac MX8 only to realize it has no hoses.

Remember, you can always consult friends and families for things to look for to be safe. Have the seller/manufacturer address your concerns where possible before making your order

✅ How to use Baracuda Zodiac MX8

Zodiac MX8, like most MX model from the company, is easy to set up and use. The user manual often has pretty straightforward steps to get you started with the machine. Here is how you should install your MX 8 Suction-side Pool Cleaner:

  • Begin by turning the pump off
  • Extend enough hose to reach the furthest end of the pool
  • Attach the leader hose with the float at the where the cleaner will be connected
  • Submerge hose until no air bubbles are visible
  • Submerge cleaner until no air bubbles are visible
  • Connect cleaner head to the hose with flow regulator valve
  • Turn the pump on
  • Check cleaner flow for proper wheel speed (10 rotations within 20-25 seconds is ok)
  • Your cleaner is good to go.

For troubleshooting and or light repairs, please check your user guide. Do not hesitate to call your vendor or the manufacturer should there be issues with a machine that you can’t handle using the guide. It is always unwise to try complex repairs as it might void your warranty.

Pros and Cons

There are several reasons why pool owners are giving Zodiac MX8 a thumbs up. Below is but a mention of some of the ideas. According to users:

  • The Cleaner still give better results even with lower speed pumps
  • The machine is stable hence hardly requires maintenance
  • MX8 uses the least energy to do it job
  • It is a Suction Cleaner than can clean all types of pools
  • Zodiac MX8 is one the very few Suction-side Cleaners that can climb steps

Zodiac MX8, as popular and efficient, is not without challenges. Pool owners love it, yes, but they say the Cleaner:

  • Is comparatively slower than most suction cleaners
  • At times gets stuck

Overall, there are more reasons why pool owners are happy with Zodiac MX8 than the reservations. MX8 remains an A+ Suction-side cleaner.


Zodiac MX8 is for those who need more powerful cleaning for any pool type but are careful not to pay a fortune for it. The cleaner, save for getting stuck sometimes or taking its time to clean medium-large pools, is the closest thing to a robotic pool cleaner you can come by today. MX8 is not just premium regarding build quality and design; it has features that you will hardly find in the competing models or brand.

Zodiac MX8 Suction-side pool cleaner comes highly recommended by users as the one of the best you can get for your pool today without spending $1000 or more.


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