There are two categories of pool owners; those who barely enjoy their pools because they have to worry about tedious weekly pool cleaning and those who enjoy their pools because they’ve let best robotic pool cleaners to do the work. Unlike the suction and pressure side pool cleaners, robotic cleaners are electronic devices that work outside the pool’s filtration system.

5 Best Robotic Pool Cleaners:

✅ Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus: Best Robotic Pool Cleaner

Maytronics’ ✅ Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus is one such self-contained pool cleaners. Nautilus CC Plus is a gadget that delivers on its promises. Dolphin’s Nautilus CC Plus is an all in one machine as it can vacuum the pool floor, clean the coves, the walls and the waterlines. All, including scrubbing, in less than 3 hours

  • The Robotic Cleaner is entirely independent of your pool’s filter and pump. In other words, you will use less energy than other types of cleaning systems.
  • The Nautilus Plus gives a whopping two-year warranty

If you’re curious (or in a hurry):

It’s an excellent pool cleaner, yet you’ll also find that it is also one of the cheapest & best pool cleaner you’ll find online.

It’s a top load filter! Easy access & top load filter cartridge and easy to clean. Rinse & reload and has tons of 5-star reviews. If you can get it for under $1000, grab it. That’s one heck of a deal on a Good robotic pool cleaner!

Check current price & read reviews here

Apart from the features listed earlier on, other things set Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner apart. As you already know, though, nothing is perfect. There are always a few drawbacks here and then when dealing with machines and robotic pool cleaners is no exception.

Here are the advantages this machine boasts of:

  • Has a suction rate of over 4000 gallons per hour, meaning it can clean a 50ft pool in less than 3hrs
  • Has own internal pump system and filter; it doesn’t rely on your pool’s filter to work
  • Has HyperGrip Tracking System that allows it to climb the walls of your pool and leave it sparkling clean
  • Has Rapid Water Release System that removes water out of the unit in less than 6 seconds.
  • It works quietly (no noise from the bot)

Some of the cons include the fact that:

  • The user manual is not as detailed
  • Not so good at collecting large debris, e.g. leaves.
  • It’s still heavy, even though it was just 19 pounds.
  • The robot can’t clean the pool steps.

✅ Best Robotic Pool Cleaner WINNER:

After their own in-depth testing and independent review process, Consumer Reports also chose this same Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool cleaner as their winner and best all-around robotic pool cleaner


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