What should you know about concrete pools, if you’re considering having one installed in your backyard? Well, that’s what we’re gonna talk about on this previous article.

Today we’re talking about concrete pools.I’m gonna give you four things to consider.

Hopefully, hopefully this video is helpful if you’re in the market to have a pool installedin your backyard.

Now, four things to consider when it comes to concrete pools. Number one is that the installation time takes a long time, long time.

Three to six months, in fact.That’s because the huge wait periods between the different stages.

One in particular is a very long wait period for the concrete to cure enough to put waterinto the tank. Construction of a concrete pool, takes a long time, three to six months.

You wanna get in and go swimming don’t you?Yes.You certainly do.Number two.Concrete pool construction is messy.

You see, because it takes three to six months, to have that pool installed, that’s how longyour yard is going to be in disarray.

You’re gonna have tracks where the equipment is going back and forth.Dump trucks are backing up.

Material is loading and unloading and trash and debris and all that kinds of stuff.Now, just what happens over time is that it becomes a soupy mess.

Let’s face it, we all live in a climate mostly where we’re gonna have rain within a threeto six month period of time, probably a few times over.

Consider what your property’s going to look like for an extended period of time.If you’re okay with that, okay, that’s your decision, fantastic.

We want you to be happy. Number three. When the pool is complete, it is essential that you maintain the chemistry of that pool.

The finish inside a concrete pool is far more susceptible to stains and degrading over time,versus other types of pools.Just a consideration, post construction and also plan on having to resurface that poolevery several years, about every 10 years.

The last thing is that, because it takes so long, or the reason again, that it takes solong to have a concrete pool installed, it’s because with every stage, usually involvesa different set of skilled laborers.They gotta dig the hole.

That’s one skill.You’re gonna set all the steel, that’s a completely different team. Plummet, shoot the concrete into place, do the plastering, do the hardscapes.With all of these different stages, usually requiring a different team.

You’re looking at a logistical plan that stretches out over a longer period of time.Compared to what you might ask.

Well, compared to the other two types of pools available in the residential pool industry.We’re talking about vinyl liner pools, we’re talking about fiberglass pools.In terms of vinyl liner pools, the installation usually takes about four to eight weeks, withthe first week being used up to actually excavate the hole, set the walls and the liner andbegin filling with water.

After that, it’s up to plumbing, back filling, preparing the deck and everything else.It’s still a lot faster than three to six months.

On the end, you need to mindful that, that liner is not as durable, obviously as concrete,and certainly not as durable as a fiberglass pool.

That liner is gonna have to be replaced every four to seven, maybe 12 years, maybe 15.You’re gonna have to replace that liner and the amount of care, diligent care you giveit and mainlining your chemicals, how careful you are there, all of those factors are goingto play into how often and how frequently that liner needs to be replaced, to the tuneof a few thousand dollars every time.

You have the cost of refilling the water, and replacing the liner itself.Now, let’s compare the third type, fiberglass pools.

This is what we specialize in here at River Pools.Now, fiberglass pools do not need to be resurfaced in their lifetime.

They have the lowest cost of maintenance over lifetime, compared to concrete and vinyl linerpools.The installation time frame is really key here.

A fiberglass pool can be put in the ground in one to two days, shortening the installationtime, meaning trades can get in, to finish off the decking and everything else.

Because they’re are pre-plumbed, again we’re saving time by having a fiberglass pool installed.

The other thing, the other perk, unlike a concrete or vinyl liner pool, is that fiberglass pool is manufactured under roof, in a controlled environment.No need to worry about the elements, when your pool is being assembled.

It shows up ready to go, ready to be placed in the ground.I’m Cristian with River Pools, we gave you four things to consider around concrete pools.

We compare them to vinyl liner and fiberglass pools.You’re little pool-wiser today my friends.

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