Dolphin Escape: Smartest Above Ground Robotic Pool Cleaner

Pool owners have three types of automatic pool cleaners to choose from, i.e. suction side, pressure side and robotic cleaners. Of the three, robotic pool cleaners are a cut above the rest. How to arrive at the right cleaner remains the challenge, however. the

Now, there are several ways to go about choosing the best pool cleaner for your needs. But starting with the type of the pool always gives better results.

For above ground pool cleaning, you are safer with Maytronics’ Dolphin Escape. How did we arrive at that conclusion? Well, even though it is one of the cheapest robotic cleaners around, Escape has not compromised on quality and features. From hyperbrush scrubbing, advanced filtration to advanced scanning system, this is the most cost-effective gadget out there.

In fact, unlike other robotic cleaners in the price range, the Escape model is designed to consume the least energy and to perform a thorough and faster-cleaning cycle. But how does a seemingly cheaper cleaner like Escape achieve superior cleaning it is known for? Perhaps a look at the features will make sense out of everything.

Features & Benefits

Many things set Escape Robotic Pool Cleaner aside, but all we have to do is look at the most notable of the features to get an idea of just how equipped the gadget is. The automatic above ground pool cleaner boasts of:

  • A Power Supply with a touch screen making it one of the easiest to switch on/off.
  • Single-Level Filtration that filters debris and dirt; a system that separates coarse and fine dirt for the best and clog-free filtration.
  • The envied CleverClean™ Technology that makes ensure the robot picks the most efficient route when cleaning pool surfaces.
  • HyperGrip Rubber Tracks, rather than wheels that eliminate loss of traction when the robot moves in the water. And, unlike wheels that oftentimes get jammed up, the rubber tracks on this robot do not.
  • An extra-large filter cartridge which enables it to handle more debris than most robotic cleaners in the price range.
  • Top access you can easily lift to empty the cartridge.

The list of benefits is endless. But at an affordable price, Escape gives you the ability to clean all types of above ground pools in about 1.5 hours. And it weighs only 14 lb which makes it light enough for most people to lift.

✅ Why Buy The Dolphin Escape?

The features alone put Dolphin Escape above most midrange pool cleaners. But there is more. The robot is the cheapest pool cleaner by Maytronics, meaning you’ll be getting more for less. For instance, Escape’s dual motors are in a class of their own when you look at energy consumption. In fact, it’s safe to say that this robot requires the least energy to keep your pool shiny clean.

Throw in ease of use, durability and the ability to clean all types of pool surfaces; nothing should stand in your way to acquiring this very quiet and intelligent pool cleaner.

✅ Buying Checklist

Now that you’ve decided to buy Escape, what are the specific things you should look for to ensure you end up buying a machine that will give you value for money? Fortunately, you are almost guaranteed you’ll be buying an original product as there very few to no fake Escape Robotic Pool Cleaners out there. But since the rule of the thumb is to safe than sorry, confirm:

  • The Brand is Maytronics.
  • There is a 1year warranty with an option to extend it to a 3 or 4-year one
  • Cable Leng and Flexibility is 40ft long and free from tangling
  • The Filtration Capacity is 75 gallons/minute
  • The robot has a large debris cartridge
  • That it has SmartNav, HyperBrush and HyperGrip technology

You are sure you are getting Escape Robot cleaner if the above checks out. You may also want to read unbiased product reviews from other users, visit the company’s FAQs page and inquire from those who already own the machine.

✅ How to use

If there is one thing that sets robotic pool cleaners aside, it must be the fact that you need no skills to operate them. After all, they are automated machines, designed to do most of the things as you rest. But even robots need some percentage of human intervention and so:

  • Plug Escape into a power source (which should be about 10ft away from the pool)
  • Dip the Robot into the pool
  • Switch it on via the power pack Touch Screen
  • Wait for it to clean the above ground pool ( often less than 2 hours) and switch the machine off once it’s done the cleaning
  • As with most cleaning robots, pull your Dolphin Escape from water and empty the filters

It’s that simple to handle; no prior experience needed

Pros and Cons

A robotic cleaner is only as good as it’s ease of use. All if not most of the features should contribute to some level of comfort. The above ground pool cleaner doesn’t disappoint as it:

  • Has a long (40-foot) cable to ensure it cleans every corner of your pool without having to worry about tangling issues.
  • Is extremely energy efficient which means you won’t get those shocking power bills yet your pool will always be clean
  • Is thorough and fast when cleaning mainly because of SmartNav system and it’s ultra-fine filtration ability.
  • Has one of the largest filter cartridge (one that is easy to access, clean or even replace).
  • Can handle all types of pool surfaces, be they made of granite, fibreglass, vinyl lining or tiles
  • Is fitted with a Filter Basket that can capture debris of all sizes (i.e. large, small and algae). The larger filter also means you don’t have to empty it now and then.

As great as the features and benefits are, there are a few things that pull Dolphin Escape down. For instance, the gadget:

  • Has no timer. In other words, you can’t set when to clean during the day.
  • Lacks a Scheduler, meaning you can’t clean the pool while you are away from home.
  • Isn’t shipped with a Remote Control, i.e. forget about the convenience of operating the Pool cleaner via buttons.
  • Is unable to climb walls
  • Relatively pricey for an above ground cleaner


Dolphin Escape is the best choice for you if you are looking for a low cost, state-of-the-art robotic pool cleaner for an above ground pool. The gadget packs some of the best technologies in its compact package.

Escape is not only faster ( thorough cleaning above-ground pool in 2 hours or less). And so, while you’ll miss on the ability to program the timer or schedule the weekly cleaning, you do get the best service for less.

Dolphin Escape Robotic Pool Cleaner comes highly recommended by most.


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