Dolphin Nautilus CC: The All-New Robotic Pool Cleaner

There are robotic pool cleaners; then there is Dolphin Nautilus CC robotic pool cleaner. The cleaner is bright, faster and thorough. The strongest point of this in-ground pool cleaner is the exclusive CleverClean Technology (which enables quick scan and calculate the pool’s shape and sizes). Thanks to the CleverClean software, Nautilus CC follows a non-random route to cover all areas of your pool in the most efficient way possible.

Unlike other robots that suffer from tangling, this Dolphin model employs an algorithm to that leave the power code (40-foot-long) tangle-free. There is also the Maytronics’ powerful Active brush capable of thorough scrubbing including the removal of algae from a pool’s hard surfaces. So, how does the brush achieve a better scrubbing? The brush spin at double the speed that the robot moves.

And no, the Active Brush isn’t restricted to removal of dirt; it does more. Let’s look at the features of Dolphin Nautilus CC to learn more.

If you’re curious (or in a hurry):

Yet you’ll also find that it is also one of the cheapest & best pool cleaner you’ll find online. If you can get it for under $1000, grab it. That’s one heck of a deal on a Good robotic pool cleaner!

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Main Features

Dolphin Nautilus is considered a front-runner among robotic pool cleaners, and there are several reasons why. Here are but some of the features that make this machine the darling of many and one of the industry leaders:

  • A durable pair of tracks: Responsible for the friction the robot needs to get rid of large debris (e.g. leaves).
  • Anti-tangle software: Renders useless the swivel cable as it ensures there is no possibility of tangling.
  • CleverClean Technology: This software is exclusive to robots from Maytronics and responsible for the fast cleaning. As alluded to earlier, it scans the pool and settles on the quickest routes to guarantee thorough cleaning.
  • Built-in Programmable Timer: Makes it easy to set the robot to clean your pool at set intervals.
  • Active Scrubbing Brush: Thorough cleaning aside, this brush gives the robot the much-needed traction to climb pool’s walls.

If the above features don’t offer enough motivation to acquire this pool cleaner, then a look at the overall benefits might.

✅ Why Buy The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus?

The one million dollar question always has something to do with why you should buy a robotic pool cleaner much less a relatively expensive one like the Nautilus. Well, the convenience these tools bring on board is hard to ignore.

The main reason you should buy a Dolphin Nautilus CC has got to do with the money you’ll save over time. Reliable studies have shown that robotic cleaners are over 90 percent more energy efficient which means you’ll considerably save on energy bill.

What about the fact the fact that your Pool Pump Will Last Longer? Let’s face it, connecting pressure and suction side cleaners to pool pump is time consuming and wears the pump faster. And, you know, replacing a pool pump costs more. Lest you forget, the non-robotic pool cleaners depend on your pool filtration system to collect debris.

Back to the attendant convenience, you can throw Nautilus CC into the pool and handle other things. The gadget will automatically clean the pool. In fact, you can schedule it to clean the pool on specific days of the week.

Now, let’s find out if there are things you must tick before you buy one of these pool cleaners.

✅ Buying Checklist

Dolphin robots are not cheap, and that’s the more reason you should ensure you get the right product. To be on the safe side, see if the following check out before paying for the product:

  • Brand: Dolphin Nautilus is from Maytronics and no one else. Accept nothing less/more
  • Features: The New Improved Nautalis CC fitted with CleverClean Technology and Anti- Tangling software, has powerful brush and durable track. Insist on those features
  • Performance: This gadget’s Suction Power is over 70 GPM. Do not accept anything with a lower gallons per minute rate. It should also have the 2 microns for the filtration rate
  • Don’t buy if it has no Warranty and Service. At least 12 months warranty is okay

Once you purchase your pool cleaner, it’s only logical to read the user manual and contact support where possible to operate the machine properly.

✅ How to use

But even without a manual, Nautilus CC Robotic Pool cleaner is among the easiest to operate. IN fact, you only need to:

  • Plug in the power pack into the power source
  • Gently put the robot into the pool
  • Switch the power on and sit back
  • Switch it off after 2 hours and detach the power pack from the source
  • Pull it out of the water and clean the filters

It’s that straightforward, after all, it’s a robot and should operate with the least intervention from you.

Pros and Cons

How do the features of Nautilus CC relate to you? Well, the robot :

  • Can clean any type of in-ground pool irrespective of the shape
  • Cleans fastest (in 2 hours or fewer thanks to the CleverClean software)
  • Cleans better (thanks to the active brush)
  • Is easy to clean (since its Top Load filter basket is easy to access, remove and clean).
  • Is easy to handle (thanks to a streamlined body design)

Unfortunately, there are a few shortcomings associated with this otherwise excellent machine. For instance:

  • The user manual doesn’t give as many details as it should
  • The price is relatively higher than other robots in the range
  • The robot still faces serious challenges cleaning pool steps.
  • Replacement filters are not as cheap


If you are in need of a pool cleaner that is ahead of its time, then Dolphin Nautilus is the robot of choice. It has the technology to deliver on what’s promised in the advertisement (i.e. using the entire pool is scrubbed and vacuumed adequately.

This in-ground pool cleaner is not just easy to operate, it is durable with an increased tool life and easy fix components. Add to its energy saving abilities; this is the robotic pool cleaner you need for superb cleaning without ever worrying about high energy bills.


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