Dolphin Quantum: A Superior Robotic Pool Cleaner

The Dolphin Quantum is considered a superior robotic cleaner, and this is not without good reasons. From its proprietary PowerJet 3D™ Mobility to the efficient state-of-the-art DC motors this machine is about a new benchmark.

The presence of new technology doesn’t mean the engineers at Maytronics forgot to include other popular features of Dolphin Robots. You still have the rubber wheels to enable vertical cleaning of pool walls. In fact, Quantum is fitted with the improved SmartNav 2.0 to ensure every part of your pool is clean within the shortest time possible.

Now, if there is one thing that makes Dolphin Quantum, it’s the technology that allows effortless sideway movements. This feature doesn’t just mean your pool is sparkling; it saves time. Well, an all-around cleaning is possible using other Dolphin models, but it’s Quantum’s mobility that achieves most thorough cleaning to date.

The question is, should you buy or upgrade Dolphin Quantum considering its cost? Let’s take a further look at the features and benefits to answer the question.

Features & Benefits

Apart from some of the unique features (alluded to in the introduction), the following also contribute to Quantum’s superior cleaning abilities:

  • The robot can get even the finest of debris through its Variable Micron Filtration
  • To handle frictional drag, Quantum boasts of a 60foot thermoplastic cable.
  • So that it can climb any pool wall, the robot has Hypergrip Continuous Rubber Tracks
  • To achieve a deeper clean, this model of Dolphin has Hyperbrush™ Dual Scrubbing Brushes
  • To accommodate the most debris in single cleaning, it boasts of the largest cartridge you could imagine.
  • Has weekly timer which means you can program it to clean why you are away

✅ Why Buy The Dolphin Quantum?

Dolphin Quantum Robotic Pool Cleaner is for you if you are are looking for faster programmable and superior cleaning. The machine is easy to carry and handle ( thanks to its sleek frame). Unlike other models that are not as easy to remove from the water after cleaning, Quantum has a fast water release system leaving it empty and light to carry.

What about the fact that the robot is the most efficient when it comes to power saving? A machine that saves up to 90% of power is worth having as it will significantly impact on your energy bills and worth buying. If anything, you can try the robot for some days (30 days) with an option to return it should you be dissatisfied.

Dolphin Quantum Robotic Inground Pool Cleaner Check Price

✅ Buying Checklist

Quantum Robotic Pool Cleaner is not cheap hence the need to ensure you only purchase the genuine machine. Descriptions from the sellers or even adverts from the manufacturer must go hand in hand with a physical verification of the machine. Ensure what you are about to pay for:

  • Has PowerJet Mobility and SmartNav 2.0
  • Has Thermostatic cable measuring 60 ft long
  • Should have some form of an anti-tangling mechanism
  • Has a return policy
  • Has warranty

✅ How to use

You may have noticed that operating most Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaners is almost the same. Just as with any other robot you owned before:

  • Plug the power pack into the power source
  • Dip the Nautilus Robotic Cleaner into the pool
  • Sit and relax as it automatically cleans the pool (in about 2 hours or less)
  • Switch off the power pack and unplug from the power source
  • Pull robot cleaner out the water and rinse the filters

Having the necessary knowledge on how to operate Quantum has its benefits. Apart from limiting the chances of you damaging the unit, it ensures your safety. As with every machine, personal injuries are common if operated against the instructions.

Always remember to use electrical outlets with ground fault and leakage interrupters. In fact, for safety sake, the power supply must never be in contact with water. The source should be at least 10 ft away from the pool just in case.

In case of break down, don’t try to repair the robot on your own. Using the services of a professional or merely contacting Maytronics will save you a lot of pains. It’s advisable you read the manual well and or watch the official DIY repair videos should you not wish to seek help.

Pros and Cons

The features discussed before, make this machine a darling of many. Quantum is a pool owner’s best friend because it has:

  • A leaner design which eliminates any resistance while the device is in water.
  • 24-volt DC motors to save energy up to 90 percent (uses mere 180 watts).
  • Micro-filter cartridges to get rid of algae
  • A quiet engine ( Quantum works without producing any noise)
  • Easy to change cartridges
  • The technology that allows it to work in salty water without problems

Even though Quantum has several unique features and is sitting at the top as the best robotic pool cleaner, it is not without a few shortcomings. Some of these cons are the last things you expect in a top notch cleaner. For instance:

  • The Dolphin Quantum is doesn’t ship with a caddy
  • Quantum’s cable lacks an anti-tangle swivel device.
  • The user manual is not as detailed
  • The gadget doesn’t come with a remote
  • The Robotic cleaner has preset schedules (daily, twice and thrice a week cleaning) you can’t program it otherwise
  • Quantum doesn’t do pool steps
  • The Robot is comparatively expensive.
  • The machine is relatively heavier


It’s true Quantum robot costs more than most robotic cleaners. However, when you look at the savings, this Robot is worth it. If you are the type that hates emptying cleaners after short intervals, then Quantum is right for you (it has a 400 square inch cartridge that can handle a lot of debris). And no, you don’t have to worry about your pool surface, the super robot can handle any surface of an in-ground pool

If not for the thorough cleaning of your pool, then you should buy Dolphin Quantum for its energy saving ability.


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