Dolphin Triton Plus: Robotic Pool Cleaner With PowerStream

The new Triton Plus is the robotic cleaner of choice for superior tile and wall cleaning. The bot’s ability to propel out water in several directions creates a steady grip and results in precise cleaning of the water line. As with most pool cleaners from Maytronics, Triton Plus has an active brush to remove even the most stubborn wall contaminants.

Triton Plus with PowerStream comes with some rare features too. For instance, it has Bluetooth, meaning you can control it from your smartphone. Using MyDolphin app, you can steer the robot by just tilting your smartphone. If that’s no amazing enough, Dolphin has an easy to access, remove and clean, extra-large filter basket.

The Dolphin Models are popular for anti-tangling and SmartNav to prevent tangling and improve mobility respectively. Well, Triton Plus has those features too. But what makes it one of the best robotic pool cleaners out there is its signature PowerStream. Of course, buyers of this machine enjoy up to 24 months of service warranty.

Features & Benefits

Dolphin Triton Plus with PowerStream has some of the best features to justice the price. Listed below are some of the premium features the robotic cleaner boasts of:

  • Active Brushing (to get rid of algae and bacteria)
  • PowerStream Mobility (responsible for stable grip on verticals surfaces and resultant superior cleaning)
  • Patented CleverClean Technology allowing it to scan and clean your pool using the fastest routes
  • Anti-tangling mechanism
  • MyDolphin Smartphone App that supports manual navigation of the robot for easy spot cleaning
  • Energy Efficient (up to 90% better than suction and pressure side cleaners
  • Has a fast water release system to make it easier to remove the bot from the pool
  • Dual-level filtration for eliminating ultra-fine debris anytime

Are those enough reasons to buy Dolphin Triton Plus? Well, let’s find out.

✅ Why Buy The Dolphin Triton Plus?

Nothing beats features and new technology when it comes to the reason you may want to own  Maytronics gadget. The company avails new technology with each product release. Take Triton, for instance; you get a pool cleaner that wouldn’t live debris on your stairs. That’s not so common with pool cleaners.

The efficiency that energy is saving abilities aside, Triton is what you go for when you want a robot that lets you choose your cleaning speed. You can set Triton to clean faster if expect the pool to be in use in the next few hours. The fact that Triton Plus has the anti-tangling technology and PowerStream means you’ll get a more in-depth cleaning of the walls and water lines without the need to worry about tangling.

To buy Dolphin Triton Plus check price

✅ Buying Checklist

Unscrupulous traders are always looking for ways to con unsuspecting buyers. Therefore, you must exercise caution when purchasing a Triton Plus pool cleaner. The Dolphin Model has its name listed among the best robots today, and it is no surprise someone would want to sell its counterfeit. Physically interrogate the following just in case:

  • Is the robot fitted with PowerStream Mobility?
  • Is the cable 50ft long?
  • What about the Extra Large Filter Basket?
  • Is there a Bluetooth receiver?
  • Does it have a 24 month Service Warranty?

Checking for the above among other features will ensure you get a good gadget. You could also consult neighbours with Triton Plus or visit the manufacturer’s FAQ section to know more about where to buy among other things.

✅ How to use

Robotic Pool Cleaners have several advantages, but the most prominent is the ability to clean pools without much input from human operators. There is a reason these Robotic pool cleaners fall under the Plug & Play machines. For instance, operating any Maytronics’ Robot, Triton Plus included, is as easy as:

  • Connecting the robot’s power pack into a power source
  • Placing the Triton Plus into the pool
  • Resuming your other duties as the robot automatically cleans the pool
  • Switching off the power pack and disconnect it from the power source once Triton is through with the cleaning
  • Pulling the robot out of the water and rinsing the cartridges

To make things even easier, there is a simplified manual to help you operate the machine. And, you have access to service anytime.

Pros and Cons

Dolphin Triton Plus can’t feature among the best or cost as much if the user didn’t find it economic. From design to the features this robot packs, the engineers had in mind to make it the easiest to use and one that gives value for money. Here are some of the pros of the Triton Plus pool cleaner:

  • The robot is Lightweight, economic (easy to lift and handle)
  • Triton is easy to operate, plug and play
  • The machine has a Weekly Timer (that enables you to set a cleaning schedule for the week ahead)
  • You can switch between Regular/Fast Mode cleaning cycles depending on nee
  • It costs as little as 5c per hour to operate
  • Can handle in-ground pools up to 50ft thanks to its long cable
  • The bot collects both fine and rough debris
  • Can climb walls effortlessly
  • Can clean drains
  • Is quiet (no noise when cleaning)
  • Has Bluetooth for improved control

The nearly perfect Dolphin Triton Plus Robotic Cleaner is not without a few drawbacks. The Robot:

  • Is pricey, costing about 1000 dollar
  • Has a control app that needs refining.


If you are in search of a high-value pool cleaner delivers all without breaking the bank, go for all new Triton Plus with PowerStream. Dolphin Triton Plus gets an A+.

It handles the floor like a piece of cake, scrubs the walls in no time and leaves no areas untouched down the stairs. And, through Triton’s automatic timer, you can go about your weekly business confident that your pool will be cleaned regularly and be ready to use anytime.

True, Dolphin Triton Plus is pricey, but it has enough features to justify the price tag. See it as an investment instead of an expense. You spend a lot of money on your pool, wouldn’t you want it maintained in the best way possible? Well, that’s precisely what Dolphin Triton with PowerStream does.


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