Hayward 500 Aquabug Suction Above-Ground Pool Cleaner

Hayward 500 Aquabug is one of the pool cleaners contributing to the Brand’s popularity. It’s not just an easy to install vacuum cleaner, Aquabag is versatile enough to clean different types of pools and requires little to no maintenance at all. A suction pool cleaner in its class, Hayword 500 has some of the best technologies to ensure your above ground pool is spotless.

This pool cleaner works with your pool filtration system and requires no additional pumps. Using Aquabug also eliminates the tiresome job of emptying and or replacing debris bags. The machine acts as a moving drain to improve water circulation in the pool. So, as your pool remains clean, the need to use chemical sanitizers reduces thus saving you money.

Aquabug uses the SmartDrive technology to steer itself, clean your pool thoroughly and do it within the shortest time possible. You are looking at a suction-side pool cleaner that has enough features and of good build quality to give you value for your money.

Features & Benefits

While several features are contributing to Aquabag popularity among pool owners, the following standout:

  • Aquabag has slotted Santoprene shoes for quick turns.
  • The Suction Pool Cleaner has a Turbine/Gearing System (that ensures gentle movements at the pool bottom and balanced but constant water flow).
  • The Aboveground pool cleaner uses the SmartDrive system for faster and more in-depth cleaning.
  • Hayward 500 Aquabag has a Deluxe Bumper Ring that reduces friction and steers it away from obstacles and walls
  • Aquabag has a Contoured Head Design that expedites steering pattern

They say a pool cleaner is as good as the features it packs. Well, Hayward’s Aquabag has what you need for cleaning an above ground pool. And just so you don’t forget, the pool cleaner is considerably cheaper.

✅ Why Buy Hayward 500 Aquabug?

Are you looking for a pool cleaner that can handle above ground their sizes and shapes notwithstanding? Well, your search is over. AquaBug has a turbine that cleans the bottom of the pool automatically. This cleaner saves you money on more than one fronts. First, it uses your pool filtration system meaning you won’t energy-consuming booster pump. Secondly, it’s ability to act as a moving main drain helps to improve the circulation of water in the pool thus eliminating the frequent need to buy chemicals to sanitize your pool.

The machine is easy to install and comes with all the hoses you need. Do you need something with proven reliability, pocket-friendly price and stellar performance? Check out what pool owners like you are saying on Amazon and take advantage of the discounted rates.

✅ Buying Checklist

You’re tired of cleaning your pool annually and decided to buy a suction-side pool cleaner. Fair enough. But how do you ensure you end up with exactly what you are ordered; a tool that handles the scrubbing so that you can enjoy the water more? Well, there are many paths you could follow, but be safe:

  • Buy your Hayward 500 from a reputable seller/dealer or better still the manufacturer
  • Reject products unless they give a warranty of at least one year
  • See to it (through physical verification where possible) that the product you are about to purchase has all the features listed

Better still you can call the manufacturer should you have doubts. Otherwise, read both the positive and negative reviews (which in Hayward Aquabag’s case over 70% positive statements from the happy users) to get a picture of what you are about to buy.

✅ How to use Hayward 500 Aquabug Pool Cleaner

The good thing with Hayward Suction cleaners is that they have an almost similar set up if not working principle. Be sure to read the user guide for instructions on how to install and operate the pool cleaner. Otherwise:

  • Remove obstacles from your pool.
  • Ensure the water level, and composition is as stated in the user guide
  • Now attach the hose the machine and the other end to the skimmer
  • Remove all the air by keeping the device in water and starting your pool filtration system
  • Wait for it to clean and switch it off when it is done the cleaning

For superior cleaning, never coil Aquabag hoses. The warranty may not cover problems resulting from a coiled hose.

Pros and Cons

A suction-side pool cleaner may have several features, what matters most is how those features translate into ease of use, robust performance and durability. Otherwise, the features will be for nothing. Fortunately, Aquabug’s cutting edge technology and features are the reason it’s one ergonomic and economical. Here are some of the things users love about Hayward Pool Cleaner:

  • It has a one year manufacturer’s warranty on part and performance.
  • It is one of the easiest to install and operate.
  • It saves on energy bill because it doesn’t require additional tools such a booster pump.
  • It is one of the most convenient pool cleaners since you neither empty nor replace the filtration bags.
  • It has the right technology for the job (e.g. SmartDrive steering program and a powerful turbine).

An honest review will not shy away from sharing some of the things pool users do not love about Hayward 500 Aquabag. For instance, while the pool cleaner does a great job:

  • It can not handle big wrinkles, often flips
  • The cleaner has challenges cleaning walls that are too soft.

But as you can see, the pros are enough to convince you to buy the machine, and the challenges are insignificant.


Whether you just completed building your above ground pool yesterday or it is one you’ve had for generations, Hayward Aqua Bug can keep it clean without extra-cost. A pool owner looking for a machine that works quietly has a unique gearing system and one that achieves the best cleaning in the shortest time has the best choice in Aquabug.

Like other suction-side cleaners, Hayward 500 is yet to attain perfection and can’t offer the speed of robotic cleaners. However, it is cheaper. And if the over a thousand reviews in favour of this product are anything to go by, then you are sure you will get value for money by purchasing Hayward 500 Aquabug Suction Above-Ground Pool Cleaner.


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