Hayward 900 Wanda the Whale Suction-side Pool Cleaner

While some pool owners still do it, manual cleaning of the pool is a very tedious job. At best you will end your day on a very tired note, and at worst you may have to endure severe back pain. You need a compromise, a way to have a clean pool without spending a lot of money and that’s where Hayward’s Wanda the Whale comes in. The automatic Suction pool cleaner doesn’t stop at saving you time; it ends up saving you money in the end.

Wanda is famous for being the easiest to install and having the best technology to handle above ground pools. Its patented SmartDrive feature is one of a kind as it gives you a pre-programmed way of cleaning the pool. Whether yours is a dished out or a flat pool, you can rest assured Hayward 900 can quietly clean your pool without a hitch.

That the suction-side pool cleaner takes less than 10 minutes to set up, it has a 32ft hose that prevents any leaning during the cleaning process. To add the fantastic features, Wanda the Whale comes with a five pack pool skimmer filters. And, no, the cleaner doesn’t need additional tools to operate.

Features & Benefits

Of the many features that endear users to Hayward 900, the following are most prominent:

  • The pool cleaner has the unique SmartDrive (a programmed steering system to clean your pool better and faster).
  • Wanda the Whale has one of a kind turbine/gearing system (that ensures gentle movements at the pool bottom and balanced but constant water flow).
  • The Suction-side Cleaner has a contoured head design (to expedite steering pattern)
  • Hayward 900 has a Deluxe bumper ring ( to reduce friction and steer it away from walls)
  • The Automatic cleaner has slotted Santoprene shoes to help it turn faster.

Considering the unique features, one would think this pool cleaner is expensive. The truth, however, that its one of the most affordable in the market today.

✅ Why Buy Hayward 900 Wanda the Whale?

Wanda the Whale is among the most popular suction pool cleaners, and there are a good number of reasons why. This pool cleaner does not just feature packed, it is cheap but delivers more than you can expect. From SmartDrive technology to the fact that Wanda the Whale needs no booster pump or any other tool for that matter to do its work, this is lean pool cleaner.

The pool cleaner is popular with many because it of it’s straightforward installation process. Are you looking for a machine that will cut down your cleaning hours? What about a cleaner that effortlessly moves inside your pool getting rid of microscopic to large debris? Well, go for Wanda the Whale.

You can check the over 1000 positives reviews on Amazon and see that Hayward 900 is the compromise you are looking for to clean your above ground.

✅ Buying Checklist

The purchase of any pool cleaner begins by identifying the type of pool you have and available budget. Wanda the Whale is for cleaning above ground pools, so only buy it if you own such a pool. Here are other tips to help you get the right tool at the best price:

  • Always buy from an authorized dealer or better yet the manufactures
  • Check online for discounts and deals in the pool cleaner of choice to save
  • Verify the features are as per the manufacturer’s claims
  • Insist on service warranty of at least a year

Do not hesitate to read user reviews and where possible the opinion of friends and neighbours who own Hayward 900. Better still, you can call the manufacturer to clear your concerns before buying

✅ How to use

Wanda the Whale, like most suction-pool cleaners, works with your pool filter system. In fact, the machine is compatible with most pool filters found on above-ground pools. So, how do you use this cleaner? Well: Start by preparing your pool ( by removing large obstacles, e.g. rocks and large leaves and ensure the pool floor is smooth)

  • Check the water level, and balance is as recommended in the installation manual
  • Connect the hose section, starting with the leader hose
  • Measure to the furthest point from the skimmer to where your cleaner will travel
  • Insert the leave canister between the first and second hose sections that connect to the skimmer
  • Submerge your unit into the pool to remove all air and attach the cup of the leader hose
  • Turn the filter system on and allow it run for some time to remove air.
  • Plug the hose cone into the skimmer
  • Remove the cleaner by the handle (not using the hose) once it is through with cleaning

The Suction Cleaner should be moving smoothly across the pool bottom and removing from the walls promptly. Check for clogging in the pool filter and should you see Wanda the Whale tipping over or moving slowly during cleaning. Otherwise, refer to the troubleshooting manual or contact the Hayward dealer for any anomalies.

Pros and Cons

It is easy to install and operateIt can’t clean small pools and
It can handle microscopic as well as large debrisThe installation is permanent ( you can’t uninstall the cleaner)
It has a SmartDrive technology that cleans every part of the pool
It improves water circulation
It Requires no additional tools to work


Are you tired of cleaning your pool on your own and looking to change that but not ready to spend hundreds of dollars? Well, Wanda the Whale is the solution you are looking for. It might not be the best pool cleaner for smaller pools and not easy to uninstall, but Hayward 900 has the technology only rivalled by robotic pool cleaners.

This machine works with your pool’s filtration system so that it won’t add to your energy bills. Instead, you’ll enjoy improved water circulation which means fewer chemical sanitizers. Go ahead, give this pool a try and join the thousands of pool owners already enjoying affordable and hassle-free cleaning of above ground pool cleaners.


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