Today I’m going to show you how to replace the eyeball in a return jet fitting. It’s pretty simple.

The eyeball fitting is usually three separate parts. Get this lock ring, the eyeball, and then this fitting that’s in the wall.

The issue with mine was that, the ring cracked and it allowed the eyeball to fly right out. If for some reason you need to replace the entire fitting, there’s a tool that you can get, which we can link to, that basically slips into the fitting here, you see these notches, and you can unscrew it that way.

I’m not replacing that internal piece. The only thing I’ll need today is probably this pair of channel locks to loosen the lock ring.

Let’s go ahead and get started. All right. The new eyeball and lock ring are installed. It’s pretty simple.

A couple of things to keep in mind if you’re replacing like for like. Well, first of all, these are pretty universal.

If it’s a threaded style return fitting, it’s just an inch and a half male pipe thread fitting. The only difference is usually the actual eyeball. The one I had was half inch. All you have to do is measure that hole.

They have half inch, three quarter inch, one inch. Some reasons you may want to change the eyeball size, maybe you need– let’s say, this is the closest one to your equipment, it’s really strong, but the one on the opposite side of the pool is weak.

What you can do is go with an eyeball that has a smaller hole that’ll force more water to the far jet. This is a bubbler, it’s got a one inch hole to allow more water to go through. Another reason may be you have a pressure side cleaner that installs into one of your return jets and that one needs more pressure.

What you could do is, again, get one of these with a smaller hole. Again, that’s going to force more water to that return jet. If you have any questions regarding return jets for your pool or anything else pool or spa related, visit us over Thanks for reading.

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