Intex Automatic Suction Pool Cleaner

Intex Above the ground pool is one of the most popular above ground pool and last you several years. But how do you clean this above the ground pool? Well, you need an Intex Automatic Suction Pool Cleaner. A cheap but effective pool cleaner. Intex Auto, like most suction pool cleaners, uses your pool’s filtration system to work hence no extra cost for energy.

It is designed for pools with a diameter of 24ft or less and includes hoses so you won’t need to make additional purchases. As long as your pump has a flow rate of 1600-3500 gallons per hour all you’ll do is relax as Intex takes care of the rest. It is easy to clean and stops moving to indicate it is full and needs cleaning. And, no, Intex Auto is not suitable for inground pools.

Features & Benefits

The fact that Intex Auto does the cleaning without your intervention, what other features make this tool the bestseller today? Well, Intex Automatic Suction Pool Cleaner:

  • Fine yet firm brush to give you the best cleaning result without necessarily being noisy
  • Comes with a 24ft hose to ensure every part of your Intex Pool is clean
  • Has a small wheel to improve its movement while inside the pool and
  • It weighs less than 16lb making it easy to carry

Debris net, skimmer basket and pool pump filter all complement Intex Auto to ensure your pool is always sparkling and ready for use.

✅ Why Buy Intex Auto?

Finding a decent and cheap above ground pool cleaner much less for an Intex Pool is not easy. That’s precisely the challenge Intex Auto Suction Cleaner fixes. This machine costs below 100 bucks but does a better job than other overpriced models. So, neither price nor efficiency is a concern when it comes to Intex Auto.

But “cheap is always expensive” you insist. Well, Intex Auto is proof that quality doesn’t have to come at a price. It has an automatic reverse system to enable it to reverse direction for smooth navigation and efficient cleaning. The cleaner can handle any debris with ease (from dirt, leaves to even stubborn debris).

You are looking at an automatic, durable and highly portable suction cleaner that will keep your above ground spotless at no extra cost. And you don’t have to take my words for it. Intex Auto is the best selling Suction Pool on Amazon with over 1000 happy pool owners showing the machine with praises.

✅ Buying Checklist

The good thing about Intex Auto is that it is the product of the leading manufacturer of above ground pools. As such, it has the technology to clean your pool for years. All these benefits at one of the friendliest price the market has to offer today. The question is, how and where do you buy Intex Auto?

The simple answer would be, visit Intex Cooperation Website and make your order. But what you should look into to make the buying process seamless? Well,

  • Only buy this pool cleaner if yours is an above the ground pool, preferably from Intex
  • Don’t order if your pump can’t handle a water flow rate of between 1600-3500 gallons per hour
  • If buying from someone other than the manufacturer, insist on warranty and (where possible) money back guarantee.
  • Buying used may be cheaper, but only from reliable retailers, check the client’s review of a seller before paying

It is advisable you consult a family member, neighbour or friend who owns Intex Auto on where to buy and about the pros and cons. Better yet, you can contact the manufacturer for further clarification.

✅ How to use Intex Automatic Pool Cleaner

Intex Pool Cleaner operates off your pool filtration system just like most suction cleaners. It is easy to set up. Follow these steps to set up your pool cleaner:

  • Using the instruction manual, layout all the parts needed
  • Start by removing the strainer grip from the pool inlet valve and screwing the first hose in its place.
  • Join the other hoses following the sequence in the instruction manual
  • Connect the last hose to the Intex Auto using the clump provided
  • Insert Intex in water and turn your pool filter until all air is out
  • Let the cleaning begin as you concentrate on other things

Should you want to clean the Intex Cleaner, simply open it and separate the lower half from the top half and clean up the pan. For troubleshooting, check out your manual or call the company where you feel external help is necessary.

Pros and Cons

Intex Auto is a bestseller, not just because of it an automatic machine that will you from the manual and tiresome pool cleaning job, but also because:

  • It so affordable considering the cleaning results
  • It is durable ( made of quality material)
  • It has a streamlined design which improves efficiency
  • It is easy to install and operate

Above are some of the many reason pool owners give for loving to use Intex Auto. But, as you can expect, not everything is working for the otherwise amazing pool cleaning tool. Other customers have pointed out the Above ground pool cleaner:

  • That using Intex Auto also means frequently cleaning the skimmer basket, the pumps filter and the debris net
  • The small wheels only work on smooth pool surfaces and may fail on pools with wrinkles and
  • The fact that it can’t clean pools more than 24 feet in size.

If you strictly use the cleaner on an Intex Pool, some of these challenges may not arise as the manufacturers of the pool is the one who designed the cleaner.


It is not every day that you will get a pool cleaner by the same people who designed your pool. Intex Auto Suction Pool cleaner is explicitly designed for all the cleaning needs of your Intex Pool. You can, therefore, expect it to be robust and efficient when cleaning. The pool cleaner is among the cheapest tools out there.

Intex Auto is what you need to make your pool cleaning and maintenance hassle-free. Thousands of pool cleaners are already happy; you don’t have to postpone your happiness, you can also give Intex Automatic Suction Pool Cleaner at try.


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