Today, we’re going to be taking a look at the Maytronics Dolphin Explorer E30.

It’s an inground robotic cleaner, designed for pools up to 40 feet long. It can be used on all types of services, including fiberglass, vinyl, and gunite.

Let’s take a look at some of the features. The E30 comes with a 59-foot floating cable with a swivel. It also comes with a power supply that has a built-in timer.

You can set this power supply to turn the cleaner on once a week, three times a week, or four times a week. The cleaning cycle on this is two hours.

If you turn it on, it’ll run for two hours and shut itself off. The E30 filter can be easily accessed from the top here.

It comes packaged with this leaf canister, which is really good for small leaves, grass clippings, other debris like that.

If you have a lot of fine sediment, you might want to get this optional ultra-fine cartridge assembly, and we’ll link that in the description of this video. This cleaner has a 24-month warranty. It covers manufacturing defects.

It doesn’t cover normal wear and tear things like on the tracks or the brushes. With that said, let’s go ahead and get this thing in the pool and test it out.

We’ve got the power supply plugged into an outlet at least 12 feet away from the pool. I got the cable from the cleaner, plugged in the power supply.

You go ahead and put the cleaner in the pool. This cleaner weighs about 16 pounds. You’ll go ahead and turn it on.

The cleaner is now moving around, starting its two-hour cycle. My pool is only 14 by 28, so it probably won’t take it long, to clean my pool.

You can see got quite a bit of grass clippings and leaves in the pool.

The E30 ran its two-hour cycle and turned itself off. The entire pool floor is clean and it only took about 20 minutes really for it to clean everything off the bottom, but I just kept it going. Let’s go ahead and pull it up and see what’s in there.

When you pull the cleaner out, you’re going to pull it by the cord, up to the surface. Once it gets there, you want to grab it by the handle.

You don’t want to pull it up by the cord. All right, let’s go ahead and take a look inside. This is everything it caught, a bunch of grass clippings, leaves, hair. It actually did pretty good at catching smaller things.

To wrap it up, I’m really impressed with this cleaner. It went from the deep end to the shallow end, back and forth really quick, climbed the walls pretty consistently. Whenever it got to the top of the tile line, the water would shoot out of this jet and it would pivot horizontally and scrub the tile line.

It would move two to three feet. It did a great job. If you’re debating between this one or the E20 model, this is definitely a better cleaner, and if you’re between 32 and 40 feet long in pool size, I would definitely get this one, but even if you’re under 32 feet and it’s in your budget, I would go with the E30.

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