Dolphin Quantum: A Superior Robotic Pool Cleaner The Dolphin Quantum is considered a superior robotic cleaner, and this is not without good reasons. From its proprietary PowerJet 3D™ Mobility to the efficient state-of-the-art DC motors this machine is about a new benchmark. The presence of new technology doesn’t mean the engineers at Maytronics forgot to
Dolphin Premier: Best In-Ground Robotic Pool Cleaner Dolphin Premier is a dynamic in-ground pool cleaner that can handle the pool cleaning needs of any pool owner. It doesn’t compromise on features and has taken efficiency to the next level. With you in mind, the cleaner packs the best technology to reduce your cleaning time and
Dolphin Nautilus CC: The All-New Robotic Pool Cleaner There are robotic pool cleaners; then there is Dolphin Nautilus CC robotic pool cleaner. The cleaner is bright, faster and thorough. The strongest point of this in-ground pool cleaner is the exclusive CleverClean Technology (which enables quick scan and calculate the pool’s shape and sizes). Thanks to