Pentair 360228 Kreepy Krauly Racer Pressure-Side Inground Pool

Racer is one of the best Pressure Cleaners from Pentair. The innovation and sleek design both contribute to Kreepy Krauly’s efficiency. Not only does Pentair 360228 clean your inground pool 30% faster, but it also has more scrubbing power than competing cleaners. The extra-large Vacuum Intake sees to it that even the largest of debris is picked.

The cleaner packs several features that places it ahead of most pressure cleaners if not all. In addition to the large throat, Racer has Front Rotating Brushes for deeper scrubbing. You can rest assured that no stain or debris will prove a challenge to the machine. Unlike some pressure cleaners that are synonymous with hang-ups, Pentair Racer has a reverse mode to guarantee constant cleaning.

Now, if there is one thing that makes Racer beautiful to behold, it must be the bright LED lights it emits at night. You can observe the cleaner in action at night thanks to the LED light. In brief, this a premium tool for a modern pool like yours.

Features & Benefits

Apart from the Front Rotating Brushes and the fact that Pentair Racer is the simplest to operate, several other features endear many inground pool owners to this gadget. The notable features include:

  • Wide Tires to prevent tipping and to give the much-needed grip especially on a smooth pool surface.
  • In-built Handle to make carrying the cleaner in and out of the pool comfortable.
  • Inbuilt Night Cruize LED lights (needs no battery) to simplify cleaning of your pool at night.
  • Reverse Modes to prevent hang-ups and ensure uninterrupted coverage of your inground pool and continuous cleaning.
  • Four Venturis for more cleaning power and versatility. This feature sets Pentair 360228 apart.
  • Debris Bag that attaches securely but so easy to remove you only press a button.

The design and availability of an easy to use installation guide make are some of the things that make the cleaner popular among pool owners. You also get a one-year limited warranty from Pentair with the purchase of this pressure-side cleaner.

✅ Why Buy Pentair 360228 Pool Cleaner?

Of course, choosing an automatic pool cleaner over manual cleaners makes more sense. However, why should you buy a pressure-side cleaner and why Pentair Race? Well, the simple answer is, more convenience. A typical pressure cleaner is powerful enough to clean the dirtiest pool, but Racer takes things a notch higher without necessary making to pay through your nose for the super service.

You are looking at one of the fastest pressure side cleaners with the ability to scrubs deeper than the rest yet still retails at a competitive price. Race is a pool cleaner that combines style, speed, and power in one gadget. Unless you don’t want the best for your pool, there is no other reason you won’t give your inground Kreepy Krauly Racer.

No need to wait, check availability and price and take advantage of the Amazon deals.

✅ Buying Checklist

What should you consider or confirm before ordering a pressure side pool cleaner? How you go about this question determines whether you’ll get the right product at the best rates or end up with an overpriced and incompatible pool cleaner. Here are the key things you must ascertain:

  • Suction power: A powerful pressure side cleaner like Racer is powerful enough to clean any pool. If you live in an area where your pool can easily gather dirt, you need a machine with enough suction power to handle frequent cleaning.
  • Booster pump: Racer requires an additional pump and dedicated line to work. Since this pump is often sold separately, you may want to buy according to the instructions on the user guide. Otherwise, you may end up an expensive but incompatible booster pump
  • Pool Compatibility: From type to size to the material forming your pool surface, ensure your pool is compatible with Pentair 360228. For instance, the cleaner is for inground pools, and it will make no sense ordering it if you own an above ground pool

Suction power, booster pump and pool compatibility aside, you should read reviews from and talk to those who already own Racer. Now, should have questions, pass them to the dealer or the guys at Pentair before ordering.

✅ How to use

One advantage of products from Pentair is the ease of installation, use, and maintenance. To ensure this, their Kreepy Krauly Pressure Cleaners have almost similar setup procedure and working principle. Here are the installation steps in brief:

  • Cut the feed hose to fit your pool size
  • Connect the flow gauge, valve, and wall fitting adapter
  • Adjust flow rate for best speed and better cleaning
  • Attach the feed hose to Pentair Racer and
  • Attach the Debris Bag to the Cleaner
  • Commence cleaning

You can execute the above by going through the straightforward user guide and watching an installation video on YouTube or Pentair website.

Pros and Cons

Based on customer reviews, there are both advantages and disadvantages of using Pentair 360228. For benefits, pool owners agree that cleaner:

  • Can pick up the finest and largest debris leaving your pool cleaner
  • Has a debris bag which keeps the pool filtration system free and long lasting
  • Cleans faster than its competitors plus you can adjust the speed
  • Allows you to clean at night through its Night Cruize LED lights
  • Reaches and cleans every corner of the pool

Even though there is no perfect gadget out there, pool owners feel there are areas engineers at Pentair needed to work on more. For instance, some pool owners say

  • Racer struggles to climb stairs and may sometimes get stuck
  • The hose is occasionally rigid thus limiting the cleaner’s movement

Of course, there is the issue of a booster pump, the associated costs and the fact that it ships separately. However, Racer has more going for it than the few setbacks. The cleaner is still ahead of the competition regarding efficiency.


That the Kreepy Krauly Racer is more powerful and faster than the competition is not up for debate. Save for one or two limitations, e.g., the need for a booster pump to operate; the machine gets the job done in a way only Racer can.

If you are looking for a cocktail of functionality and aesthetics, then look no further than Pentair 360228. You will undoubtedly spend more time enjoying your pool than you do cleaning it with Racer.


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