Pentair GW9500 Kreepy Krauly Great White Inground Pool Cleaner

Great White, from Pentair, is one the most popular suction-side inground pool cleaner. The cleaner can handle any pool surface thanks to its bristles (for brushing) and oscillator (for moving around). Like most suction cleaners, Pentair Kreepy Krauly achieves its cleaning through a bristle drive mechanism. This machine brushes off and vacuums debris.

Whatever your pool surface is, Great While can handle it. From Pebble to Quartz to fibreglass to vinyl, nothing poses a challenge to the bristles. Note that the bristles are strong enough to remove stubborn stains (even algae) but will never affect your pool surfaces especially the ones made of viny. Also, Pentair GW9500 has no problems navigating pools irrespective of their shapes. How? Well, the suction cleaner has SmartTract Programmed Steering to guarantee uninterrupted movement.

One of the Suction Cleaner’s strongest points is it’s turning mechanism. Thanks to the unique mechanism, Great White never gets stuck. It also has a spring-loaded cover on the Vacuum port door for your safety. You are looking at a machine that can climb walls and pretty much other parts of the pool save for the pool steps.

A look into the features shows this is a machine worth every cent.

Features & Benefits

What makes Pentair Great White such a success as a suction pool cleaner? The simple answer is innovation. The manufacturer seems to understand just what inground pool cleaners needs. For efficiency, this model has:

  • A Vacuum Regulator Valve that allows you to adjust suction power manually.
  • Powerful Bristles to get rid of even the most stubborn debris.
  • Suction-side Vacuum to clear dirt from your pool.
  • SmartTec to ensure smooth navigation.
  • An Oscillator that moves the cleaner head as well as the bristles.
  • Unique Turning mechanism to help it change direction and avoid obstacles

Above specs enable Great White to clean inground swimming pools of varying surfaces. The technology involved also ensure the device spends more time cleaning deeper end of the pool and less on the shallow part.

✅ Why Buy Great White Pool Cleaner?

It is absurd in today’s world to clean your pool manually. And this is for the obvious, i.e. manual pool cleaning is not just time-consuming but so exhausting. But how do you know what automatic suction pool cleaner to pick? Well, you need something that has a great appetite for debris (a machine that cuts a 15″ cleaning path irrespective of your pool surface).

You need a machine that can reach all the parts of the pool, one that no dirt can hide from. Yes, something comes equipped with all you need, easy to install and ready to go. Now, that’s exactly what Pentair Great White brings to the table. Call it convenience for less. And this is no exaggeration of some sort, the suction’s reputation precedes it.

Wait no more, take a look at the over 300 positive reviews from users and grab the pool cleaner at a discount on Amazon.

✅ Buying Checklist

You love your pool enough and would want it clean all the time that you have decided to buy an efficient pool cleaner like the Great White. But you are not sure just how to go about the buying process. I mean, there are one or two unscrupulous people out there selling counterfeit products, and it’s only fair you exercise some caution. So, how do you ensure you get what you are ordering? Well, it is not rocket science. Here is your simple guide:

  • Only buy from a seller or dealer who can honestly answer all your questions about the products
  • Check for return policy and associated refunds. Does the seller allow such?
  • Insist on a service warranty of at least two years
  • Verify (physically if possible) that all the features listed exist on the actual product before

Should the need arise, consult an expert on suction pool cleaners or even contact the manufacturers to ensure you get value for money.

✅ How to use

The easiest way to install Great White Pool Cleaner is by doing first things first; assemble everything you’ll need including the leaf catcher. Yes, make sure you have GW9500 cleaner head, reducer cone, swivel assembly, one 8 ft. hose, one 4 ft. hose and, vacuum regulator w/2 caps and one 20 ft. hose. How to set up:

  • Begin by starting the pool pump
  • Depending on your vacuum connection of choice (dedicated wall fitting or skimmer), adjust the pump valves to get it to water from the connection.
  • Now close the main drain
  • Connect the swivel assembly into the Pentair GW9500 body and twist it to lock.
  • Connect the lead hose ( 24′ hose) to the swivel assembly and the other end to your skimmer or dedicated wall fitting.
  • Fill Great White and the hose with water and drop into the pool to begin your cleaning.

Always remember to clean the pool filter system, the strainer and the skimmer for better results.

Pros and Cons

Several features place Great White ahead of most suction pool cleaners. Pool owners seem to love this cleaner because:

  • It is affordable
  • It gives up to 2 years warranty
  • It can handle both above and in-ground pools
  • It is so easy to install
  • It has stronger bristles drives for superior scrubbing
  • It works on any pool surface

Of course, there are always some downsides to using pool cleaners. None is perfect, and Great White is no exception. Some users are not happy that:

  • The cleaner may take up to 6 hours to clean
  • Some pools need to upgrading for Great White to work
  • It can’t clean the pool steps


If all you need is an affordable cleaner for your for your inground or above ground pool, then Great White from Pentair is for you. From some unique features which empower the cleaner to handle all pool surfaces and shapes to a 24-month service warranty from the manufacturer, Pentair GW9500 is a machine worth its salt.

It is true the cleaning hour may be longer or the fact that it can’t clean pool steps, but there is a lot more going for Great White to ignore it. Overal and based on what other users are saying, Pentair GW9500 Great White Suction-side Pool Cleaner will give you value for money.


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