Pentair Prowler 830: The Versatile Robotic Pool Cleaner

Known as the Creepy Krauly Prowler 830, this in-ground robotic pool cleaner will leave your pool spotless. This cleaning fete it achieves through its powerful brushes, the wide four-wheel drive tracks and efficient filters. Prowler 830 cleans even then largest pool in less than 3 hours and packs an inbuilt timer in-case you want to program it to weekly cleaning.
While responding to pool owner’s demand for an efficient and truly hands-off machine, Pentair fitted the 830 model with Auto-reverse feature that not only means constant cleaning but also that the robot can manoeuvre inside the pool without halting at the corners, ladders or even pool steps.
Prowler is famous for many things, but none beats its Full Cartridge indicator. Unlike other robotic pool cleaners that wouldn’t alert you when the cartridge is full and may need cleaning, the 830 model has an indicator to guide you accordingly. Prowler is easy to clean and maintain and can handle any debris or algae. It is that versatile.

Features & Benefits

Here are the features that set Prowler 830 apart:

  • It has an indicator to tell you when the cartridge is full and in need of emptying
  • It comes with a wireless Remote Control that allows you to override the robot’s automatic cleaning in case you need certain parts of the pool redone.
  • Has an Auto-reverse feature that eliminates chances of hang-ups and guarantees uninterrupted performance.
  • Packs a weekly timer so that you can schedule your cleanings.
  • The robot can get rid of all types of debris and algae.
  • The machine comes with a caddy for storage and ease of handling.
  • It costs less than 5 cents per hour of cleaning hence saving on energy costs.

The above features plus good service make Prowler 830 one the most popular robotic pool cleaner in the market today.

✅ Why Buy Prowler 830 Pool Cleaner?

There are two types of pool owners; those who depend on pool cleaning services from individuals or companies and those who want to do the cleaning themselves. The truth is, both options have challenges. Take for instance spending money weekly or monthly to enlist the services of professional pool cleaners, won’t that strain your budget? What about the cumbersome job of doing it on your own? That too is time-consuming and means you will spend more time cleaning your pool than you’ll spend swimming.

The best option, option, therefore is going for an option that is neither expensive nor time-consuming. Well, that’s where robotic pool cleaners like Pentair Prowler 830 come in. The machine may cost a lot, but in the end, you’ll realize just how much money and time you save by buying one of these gadgets.

Not only is Prowler easy to use, but it also cleans better than you would on your own and even some professionals.

So, why not pick a machine that will scrub the floor of your pool, clean the walls and the waterline as you focus on other house chores or read your favourite book? Wouldn’t you want a pool cleaner that can keep your pool sparkling even when you are away from home on a journey?

The point is, there are enough reasons why buying a robotic pool cleaner, in this case, Pentair Prowler 830, makes more economic sense than resorting to manual pool cleaning.

✅ Buying Checklist

There are several models of robotic pool cleaners from Pentair, and this might bring confusion. Yes, there are chances a first-time buyer may find themselves with a model they were not looking. To avoid this, read the features (if several possible times) to get well versed, especially the unique features. You may also want to consult neighbours with similar pool cleaners and above all buy from reputable online sellers if not directly from the manufacturer. Below are some of the common things you may want to verify before buying your Pentair Prowler 830 Robotic pool cleaner:

  • Check the water filtration rate to see if it is as low as 2 microns.
  • Ensure it handles 85 gallons per minute
  • See if Cleaner is energy efficient, less than 5ct per one hour of cleaning preferably
  • Confirm is the robot ss plug and play (doesn’t require additional installations to use.

There are more things to look for to ensure you buy a good robot, but you are safe if all of the above checks out. Better yet, you can visit Pentair website or Amazon question and answers section to get more information before ordering.

✅ How to use

The name Robotic Pool Cleaner points to a machine that needs the least human intervention to leave your pool spotless. So, save for:

  • Attaching the robot’s power pack into a power source
  • Placing Creepy Prowler into the pool
  • Waiting for 2 hours or so and disconnecting the machine from power
  • Pulling the robot out of the water and cleaning the filters,

Prowler will do most of the cleaning on its own. In case you need more info on how to install and use, directly download installation and user guide from Pentair’s website. They even have a document with a guide on how and where get replacement parts should that need arise.

Pros and Cons

Pentair Prowler 830 has carved its name on the list of the best robotic pool cleaners, and it’s not without good reasons. Pentair ensured this gadget:

  • Has one of the longest cables (60ft long)
  • Packs extra-large cartridges to collect the most debris
  • Has Integrated filters
  • Ships with a caddy to make handling and storage effortless
  • Is capable of auto-reverse movements thus eliminating chances of hang-ups
  • Is easy to maintain (especially to clean)

As you can see, Pentair Prowler 830 is an all-around machine and worth every dime. This doesn’t in anyway suggest the pool cleaner is without a few drawbacks here and there. For instance, the 830 model:

  • Is expensive,
  • Sometimes gives erroneous prompts to empty the filters and
  • Is heavy.


There hundreds of robotic pool cleaners in the market today. However, if you are in need of gadget that will guarantee superior cleaning, you need to look no further than the Creepy Krauly Prowler 830 robotic.

The machine is pricey, yes, but features like the wireless remote, timer, advances brushes and the ability to clean larger pools in about two hours justify the price. See buying this robotic pool cleaner as an investment as opposed to an expense for you’ll end up saving a lot in the long term.

That it costs less than 20 cents to operate Pentair Prowler 830 is enough evidence that you will undoubtedly be getting value for money with the purchase of the pool cleaner


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