Polaris 9550 Sport: Premium yet Cheap Robotic Pool Cleaner

If you, like most pool owners, hate cleaning but love swimming, Polaris 9550 Sport is for you. The 4WD robot has the necessary technology and features to give your pool a thorough cleaning in the shortest time possible. From the motion sensor to the vortex vacuum, Polaris 9550 can remove the most stubborn debris in ways that most robotic cleaners can’t. Also, the machine can manoeuvre any pool terrain, use its solid-blade brush to leave your pool waterline spotless and has the all-purpose cartridge to collect all types of debris from your pool
9550 Sport’s most distinguishing future is the 7-day timer. With this adjustable timer, you can program your pool to clean on specific days and even set the cleaning cycles of choice. In other words, you can go on a journey knowing your pool will remain clean and ready for use when you return.
Unlike other robotic cleaners without remove, Polaris 9550 gives you the power to control it during the cleaning process so that you don’t miss a spot. In fact, you can redo the scrubbing of areas you feel aren’t as sparkling as you would want. The robot, built like a sports car, brings with it unmatched convenience. Let’s take a look at some of the features to underscore the point.

Features & Benefits

Why is Polaris 9550 Sport such a favorite gadget? Well, it has:

  • 7-day Timer to enable you to schedule cleaning and pick the right cleaning modes
  • A Motion-Sensing Remote that allows you to be in charge of the cleaning process.
  • Waterline Only Cleaning Cycle which saves time as you can focus on cleaning the waterline only.
  • Easy Lift System making it one most comfortable and the easiest to remove from the pool.
  • Vortex Vacuum Technology which cleans 25% above most cleaners and can handle four times as much debris.
  • Dirty Canister Indicator to help you know when to empty your cartridge Easy Clean Filter where all you have to do is shake and spray and the 9550 is good to go.
  • 4-Wheel Drive Technology enabling it to climb walls, clean the waterlines and handle any floor.
  • ActivMotion Sensor that helps the robot to navigate the pool without hang-ups

Those are but some of the features you’ll find in Polaris 9550 Sport. The obvious thing, though, is that it packs a lot of features considering the price. Other robots with inferior spec do cost a lot more.

✅ Why Buy Polaris 9550 Sport Pool Cleaner?

More often than not, a robotic pool cleaner is every pool owner’s cleaning tool of choice. However, some of these gadgets cost a small fortune and are not as feature packed. The Polaris 9550 Sport bridges the gap. It has features that should cost $2000 or more yet it costs half of that. By buying Polaris, you are choosing a bundle of convenience and cost saving. Maybe the only robotic pool cleaner with a 7-day programmable timer, Polaris 9550 is what you need.

If you need a gadget that has the technology to clean every part of your pool while giving you the ability to redirect it to clean specific areas, then look no further than Polaris 9550. In fact, this is one of the very few robotic cleaners (or maybe the only one) that you can program to clean a specific part of the pool, e.g. the waterline only.

Sports will certainly give you value for money.

✅ Buying Checklist

The Polaris 9550 has a lot in common with 9450. You have to look for defining features to avoid buying the wrong machine. While Polaris 9550 is an upgrade of the 9450 model, it has a solid-blade scrubbing brush and a 7-day Programmable Time. Otherwise, follow these general rules to ensure you get exactly the robot you wanted:

  • Always buy from a verified seller or the manufacturer
  • Never accept a pool cleaner that has no warranty. At least one-year service warranty is okay
  • Check the cost per hour of cleaning. 5cents is okay
  • Verify that all features listed on the box exist in the robot

In most cases you can read reviews from other pool owners, check the Question and Answer section on the product page or contact the manufacturer should you have doubts.

✅ How to use

Most if not all robotic pool cleaners come with a user guide. From how to use the robot for the first time to cleaning and even where to get replacement parts.

In general, using Polaris 9550 Sport is as simple as:

  • Connecting Polaris to a power source
  • Placing it into the pool
  • Disconnecting the machine from power when through with cleaning and
  • Pulling the robot out of the water so that you may empty the canisters,

And no cause for alarm, in case you lose your manual, as you can always download a PDF copy from the manufacturer’s website. In some case, the sites even host how-to videos.

Pros and Cons

A robotic pool cleaner is as good as it features and how the said features impact performance and ease of use. Polaris 9550 Sport has features that make it economic and powerful. For instance:

  • The motion sensing remote gives you the power to decide which parts of the pool you want the machine to scrub afresh
  • The robot’s Easy Lift System makes the otherwise large device one of the lightest when removing from water.
  • The Vortex Vacuum Technology improves performance by ensuring Polaris 9550 can handle a lot of debris in one cleaning and that it can scrub better than most robotic pool cleaners
  • The 60ft long cable gives the robot the ability to clean some of the largest pools without tangling
  • The Waterline Only Cleaning Cycle saves you time by cleaning specific areas of the pool

Polaris 9550 is an excellent cleaner save for the fact that it:

  • Has no speed control.
  • Has sluggish remote response.

Otherwise, the pros outweigh the cons thus making investing in this robot worthwhile.


Save for a few hitches like the lack of speed control mechanism and a remote that doesn’t respond as instant as it should, Polaris 9550 is a superior cleaner you buy. Its performance is ahead of most robotic cleaners; it has several scheduling options, a caddy and an easy to clean debris can.

By buying 9550 Sport, you are getting a premium product at the most affordable price.


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