Polaris Vac-Sweep 165 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner

Polaris 165 is a residential in-ground pressure pool cleaner designed for fiberglass or vinyl pool surfaces. It matters not if your pool has an uneven floor, the Vac-Sweep 165 can still handle it in record time. And like most pressure cleaners, the machine uses clean water from your filtration system to loosen debris on your pool floor or wall

165 model has removable debris bag that can collect both fine and large debris. And since this bag prevents debris from your pool’s filter, it helps prolong your filtration life. Polaris 165 also happens to be one of the few pressure cleaners that do not need a booster pump to operate. This makes it cost effective as it doesn’t add anything to your pool cleaning energy budget.

Though a small machine, Polaris 165 works faster. All you need is follow the simple installation guide, and the cleaner will handle the rest in less than 3 hours. The 32ft hose will ensure the machine covers every part of your pool as the jet assembly flushes debris from even the hard to reach parts of your pool.

Features & Benefits

The engineers at Zodiac always do their best to equip their pool cleaners with all the features and technology to achieve the best cleaning result. Polaris Va-Sweep 165 is no exception. The inground pool cleaner:

  • Can handle any smooth or uneven vinyl or fiberglass surfaces up to eight feet deep.
  • Uses water from return line to operate saving your skimmer and filter from overuse and effectively remove contaminants from your pool
  • Has the jet sweep assembly, powerful enough to loosen debris and sweep them to the bag
  • Packs a filter net (debris bag) that gathers debris before it reaches your pool filter thus saving you from frequent cleaning
  • Is easy to install and use, saving you time

The features above (and others) make Polaris 165 the effective inground pressure-side pool cleaner it is. Many users agree that Unique bag saves them from the tedious job of cleaning the pool filter and skimmer.

✅ Why Buy Polaris Vac-Sweep 165 Pool Cleaner?

Do you own an inground pool with fiberglass or vinyl surface and wondering which pool cleaner gets the job done without destroying the surface? Look no further than Polaris 165 by Zodiac. The cleaner easy to install has a unique bag that can hold even the smallest debris and can clear debris from hard to reach areas.

Check Amazon for discounts on the cleaner and enjoy seamless pool cleaning at the lowest cost all year long.

✅ Buying Checklist

There are factors to consider when purchasing a pool cleaner. To ensure you buy the right cleaner for your pool; one that will save you time and money, consider:

  • Ease of Use: Polaris 165 is one of the easiest to install and run
  • The efficiency of the Cleaner: Vac-Sweep 165 is ideal for fiberglass or vinyl floors. It doesn’t give better results with other surfaces. Unless yours has a vinyl or fiberglass surface, look for another pressure side pool cleaner
  • Size of the pool: Polaris 165 can clean inground pools up to 32ft long. That’s an average size pool. You may want to look for a more robust cleaner if you have a bigger pool
  • Consumption of Energy: Polaris 165 uses water pressure from the return line to operate. It, therefore, consumes no additional energy; an excellent choice considering it doesn’t require a booster pump
  • Dependency on the Filtration System: Zodiac’s 165 doesn’t overburden your filtration system thus prolonging its life.

Other factors to consider include warranty, return policy and the features. You can always call Zodiac should you have any doubts before making the order.

✅ How to use Polaris Vac-Sweep 165

Polaris 165 Pressure Cleaner ships with a simple user manual to guide you through the setup and or troubleshooting. The manual is so clear you won’t have issues installing Polaris even if you were handling a pool cleaner for the first time. Here is the setup process in summary:

  • You begin by joining he hoses
  • Then connect the 32ft hose to your unit
  • Attach the filter bag at the bottom of Polaris
  • Dip the cleaner into the water and connect it to the pool’s return line
  • Turn on the pool filtration system and begin cleaning

To get the most out of your cleaner, you should see to it that the filter bag is correctly fitted. You may also want to adjust the pressure relief valve to optimum. Also, always straighten twisted hoses and put them in the sun to soften should they coil. As a rule of the thumb, keep the water pressure between 5-10 psi.

Pros and Cons

Polaris Vac-Sweep 165 features do translate into advantages. Most reviewers agree that Polaris 165:

  • Gives one of the best performance on Vinyl and Fiberglass surfaces
  • Is a fast cleaner (cleaning a medium pool in 3 hours or less
  • Can reach even the hidden places of your pool
  • Does not overburden your pool filter or skimmer
  • Has a Unique bag that collects all types of debris
  • Uses water pressure to clean thus saving energy

The cleaner is not without shortcomings though. Many agree that Zodiac did an excellent job with the 165 model, save for the fact that:

  • The Cleaner may get stuck at the corners
  • Polaris 165 may flip when moving over the pool steps

Overall and going by the number of positive reviews this model of Polaris enjoys on Amazon, it is safe to give the machine a clean bill of health. The cleaner compensates for the few cons with even better cleaning at no extra cost.


Polaris 165 is affordable considering the speed with which it cleans inground pools. The features also make this cleaner a leader in its class. So, while it may have one or two challenges like struggling to clean pool surfaces other than vinyl and fiberglass, Polaris has a lot working in its favor.

The 32ft long hose, the jet assembly and unique bag ensure Polaris delivers what it promises. The 165 is a better choice if you are looking for a cheap but effective cleaner for your inground pool


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