Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner

Vac-Sweep 360 is one of the best of the Polaris Models from Zodiac. Unlike the 280, this cleaner needs no additional pump. Its single chamber filter ensures no debris reach your filtration system saving it from wear that would result from frequent cleaning. Too put it differently, the 360 cleaner prolongs your pool filter’s life. But that’s not all; Polaris Vac 360 has three venturi jets which make it clean better and first than most cleaners in this class.

From all-wheel belt drive to a wide vacuum inlet to classic tires, Polaris 360 has the features it needs to make your pool cleaning hands off if not fun. This cleaner is not limited to a given type of inground pool; whatever the shape or the nature of your pool surface nothing poses a challenge to Vac-360.

That it needs no booster pump and the ability to clean all types of inground pool aside, Polaris 360 is what you need for a very dirty pool. The cleaner can pick up from small rocks to leaves with much ease. Better yet, Polaris works independently of your pool skimmer. What this means is that your skimmer focuses on removing contaminants and as the machine focuses on eliminating the debris.

Features & Benefits

Most pool owners agree that the engineers at Zodiac got it right with the 360. Polaris 360 is efficient, yes, but how is it able to do what it does? Well, a look into the features puts everything into perspective. For instance:

  • Polaris 360 has a large filter bag that collects all types of debris before they reach your pool filtration system. It leaves your filter clean.
  • The 360 is an all-around machine; it can scrub, vacuum and sweep any pool (provided it is an inground pool).
  • As the name suggests, Polaris 360 depends on water pressure to work meaning you don’t have to spend a dime extra on energy.
  • The model is available in different colors (g., black) to complement your pool floor.
  • Vac-Sweep 360 has the In-line back-up valve which ensures your pool cleaner can navigate your pool with ease.

Based on the above features, it is apparent that the pool cleaner was designed with pool owners in an environment with lots of trees and strong wind in mind, i.e., pools that are exposed to dirt and debris most of the times.

✅ Why Buy Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 Pool Cleaner?

Like every pool owner, you have to choose between spending more time cleaning your pool than you do use it or the opposite. I mean, a pool is a costly investment, and it makes sense that you spend some money to keep it clean and ready for use. But why settle on Polaris Vac-Sweep 360? Well, it is not your ordinary pressure-side cleaner, its sturdy enough to scrub the dirtiest of pool floors yet still costs comparatively less.

You may argue that scrubbing and powerful vacuuming is not enough when the pool cleaner needs additional tools to work and does overburden your skimmer and filter. Worry not; you won’t require an energy-consuming booster pump neither will the cleaner overburden your filter and skimmer. In fact, thanks to its debris bag both your skimmer and filter never needed for clearing dirt from your pool

Still not convinced? Take a look at what 2000+ users on Amazon are saying about Polaris 360 and see that this is the machine you need to keep your pool free throughout the year

✅ Buying Checklist

There are factors to consider when buying a pressure side pool cleaner. Apart from buying from a seller with the positive reviews, i.e., reputable dealer, you should also:

  • Check if the product has a warranty, without which don’t make your order
  • Check the return policy just in case you get a product that doesn’t have all that it promised or faulty in a way
  • Where possible, confirm the Polaris 360 you are about to order has all the features appearing on the manufacturer

Polaris 360 is not for you if you have an above ground pool. So, only buy this cleaner if you own an inground pool. The best practices before ordering include calling the seller to have all your doubts taken care of and where possible consulting your neighbours, family or friends to help you with where to buy Polaris Vac-Sweet 360.

✅ How to use Polaris Vac-Sweep 360

Polaris Pressure-side pool cleaners have somewhat similar working principle and follow the same setup process. So, to get your Polaris 360 up and running:

  • Remove air from the pool return line by switching on the pump for a while
  • Connect the hoses till you achieve the right length (that reaches the furthest end your in-ground pool)
  • Evenly space your swivels to prevent tangling during the cleaning process
  • Connect the single debris bag on the leader hose
  • See to it that the wheel speed is within the ideal range, i.e., 32-36 rotations per minute
  • You can start the cleaning

Wondering how you can do some of the steps? Well, the guys at Zodiac always ship a detailed manual with every product and Polaris 360 is no exception. And, yes, you can call their support team for troubleshooting guide and instruction on DIY repairs.

Pros and Cons

Why do pool owners love Polaris 360 you may be wondering? Well, it’s premium design and the fact that it can handle all inground pools. But that’s not all; users are happy that:

  • Polaris 360 has one of the longest warranties
  • It needs no extra pump meaning it saves on energy cost
  • It is powerful enough to pick pebbles or even small rocks
  • It has a large single debris bag
  • Has a tail sweep hose scrubber to clean the region behind the pool cleaner.

There are some pool owners unhappy with certain aspects of  Polaris. For instance, some have take issue with the fact that:

  • Polaris 360 lacks treaded tires which would have given it better grip when cleaning
  • It can’t handle the stairs

Overall, Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 has more advantages than disadvantages underscoring the over 1000 positive reviews it has on Amazon.


Polaris 360 pressure-side pool cleaner is for you who live in an environment where your pool gets dirty quickly and are in need a powerful yet not so expensive tool. The fact that Polaris requires no booster pump plus its ability to work independently of your skimmer means you get a machine that neither adds to your energy bills nor overburdens your skimmer.

Polaris 360, like other pressure pool cleaners, uses water pressure to flush dirt from your pool for better and faster cleaning. Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 Pressure-side pool cleaner is an investment that will give you value for your money.


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