Polaris Vac-Sweep 3900 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner

Polaris 3900 Sport is an upgrade of the 380 model acts as the industry standard for pressure side pool cleaners. From its PosiDrive system to the 2.5-inch vacuum inlet, Polaris 3900 Sport has the features it needs to deliver superior cleaning and prevent hang-ups. The cleaner has one of the most powerful jets for a pressure side cleaner.

The 3-jet venturi not only ensures up to 40 gallons per minute filtration rate but also does away with clogging. This means convenience and efficiency. Now, if there is one additional that is making the 3900 model stand out, it must be the Wide Trax tires. These tires aren’t limited to manoeuvrability or climbing; they create the optimal traction the cleaner needs to cover every part of your pool.

Polaris Vac-Sweep 3900 a 5-liter filter dual chamber SuperBag handle even more debris. No debris can escape this pressure side cleaner; it features TailSweep PRO to sweep dirt from hard to reach areas of your pool. And with its Twist Release connection, Polaris 3900 is one of the easiest to set up

Features & Benefits

Of the many features that set Polaris 3900 apart, there a some that are most conspicuous. Below is a list of the features and how they affect Polaris performance for the better:

  • Packs an all-wheel PosiDrivend which gives it 50% more vacuum power and cleaning speed better than most cleaners in its class.
  • Has a dual-chamber zippered SuperBag to pick more debris and making cleaning less frequent.
  • Has an Auto-Reverse technology to ensure the pool cleaner never gets stuck
  • Uses additional booster pump to supplement the pool filtration system and improve circulation
  • Has a TailSweep Pro to clean your pool better by blowing debris from hard to reach corners of your pool

Remember to get the best results, pair the cleaner with the right booster pump, i.e., one that is compatible with your pool filtration system and also ideal for Polaris 3900. The manufacturer recommends the PB4-60 booster for the best results.

✅ Why Buy Polaris Vac-Sweep 3900 Pool Cleaner?

Do you own an inground pool prone to dirt and debris? If yes, you need a cleaner that has the technology and vacuum power to clean fast and better without putting pressure on your skimmer of pool filters. Now, Polaris 3900 Sport does all that and more. It is true the machine costs more than the 380 or 280 models, but it compensates that with even a larger filter bag and innovations like TailSweep to clean your pool better an faster

When you factor in the features of Polaris 3900, you’ll realize the price is justified. Then again, you spent lots of money acquiring your pool, would you shy away from giving it the best maintenance available? Not when you consider the long-term advantages of owning a Polaris 3900.

The good news is, you can Buy it on Amazon at a very competitive price.

✅ Buying Checklist

There are precautions to take and factors to consider before and after making the order to make sure you get the right product. Confirm that:

  • The Polaris you want to order ships with a 31′ hose and other components
  • The seller offers 10 Year Warranty for Frames
  • There is at least a one-year warranty for parts
  • That the seller also stocks the right booster pump

Suffice to say, Polaris 3900 is ideal for an inground pool. So, you have no business ordering one if yours is an above ground pool. Now, to get the best deal, read reviews and check for discounts on Amazon.

✅ How to use Polaris Vac-Sweep 3900

Polaris 3900 ships with a detailed manual to make the installation seamless. Ensure you follow the manual to latter. Below are the necessary steps (details are in the manual):

  • Makes sure the pool filter is clean
  • Turn on the filtration pump and flush out the plumbing line. Turn the pump off.
  • Connect the hose to the pool wall at the return line. Extend hose to the farthest point of the pool
  • Assemble the Cleaner
  • Check for Proper RPM
  • Begin cleaning when ready

As precautionary measures, do not touch the machine when it’s working. You may also want to remove Polaris Cleaner from the pool before swimming. And always run the filtration system for 5 minutes before re-connecting Vac-Sweep 3900. Last but not least, you should remove the machine from water when you want to carry out chemical shock treatment.

Pros and Cons

Like any other pool cleaner, Polaris 3900 has things working for and against it. The presence of some features translates into advantages whereas the absence of some makes the machine unpopular. For instance, most users give the cleaner a thumbs up because:

  • It performs superior cleaning ( in combination with the booster pump)
  • It has the most vacuum power ( thanks to its 3-jet venturi)
  • It helps pool filtration system to circulate water
  • It never gets stuck (thanks to the auto-reverse technology)
  • It climbs and cleans walls (thanks to the all-wheel PosiDrive system )
  • It collects more debris (thanks to the SuperBag)
  • It can clean even the hardest places to reach in a pool ( thanks to TailSweep Pro) and

The fact that Polaris 3900 can clean all types of inground pools aside, some pool owners feel that the Pressure Cleaner:

  • Is relatively expensive considering it is a pressure cleaner and not a robotic one
  • Adds to energy bills because of the extra pump

As you can see, the reasons for Polaris outweigh the ones against the machine. It’s, therefore, a good cleaner with several advantages to its name.


Polaris 3900 is a product of Zodiac, a company that sold pool cleaners for decades. From a good brand, you are likely to get a good product. Polaris is just that, a great product from a big brand. It’s price and the fact that the machine can’t work without a booster pump aside, it has high-end features that not only justify the cost but also ensure you get value for your money with the purchase of this machine.’

Vac-Sweep 3900 is what you need to get dirty pool clean in 3 hours or less.


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