Days, when you would clean your pool manually, are long gone. These days cleaning your pool is as simple as dipping an automatic cleaner into the pool and letting it do the work as you relax or handle other businesses. The convenience, the savings on energy and overall saving on the cost of operation, put buying an automatic cleaner ahead of hiring a cleaning professional.

However, nothing is without some drawbacks. So, as convenient as the cleaners are, they face problems and may not deliver without proper troubleshooting. In some cases, the challenges result from mishandling by the pool owner while in other cases they arise due to a faulty or worn out machines. Either way, there are several fixes at your disposal to ensure pool cleaning experience remains optimal.

Let’s look at the common pool cleaner problems and how to fix them without the need to pay for repairs or even ship the product back to the dealer.

Common Pool Cleaner Problems and their fixes

Pool cleaners fall into, suction, pressure and robotic categories. Some problems are specific to suction, pressure or robotics. Understanding these problems will help you fix them promptly without incurring additional cost.

✅ Suction Pool Cleaners problems and fixes

Below are some of the issues you may face as the owner of a suction-side pool cleaner:

  • The cleaner is not moving: Mostly caused by either a loose attachment to the skimmer or a worn-out diaphragm. So, you may want to ensure the hose is firmly affixed to the suction-line in the skimmer and check for blockages in the diaphragm.
  • The cleaner is too slow: Can result from a clogged intake valve or a congested pool filter. So, clear the intake valve and clean your filter and skimmer.
  • The cleaner is too fast: Happens when the water flow is too fast. You can correct this by adjusting the pump pressure.
  • The cleaner is not covering the entire pool: Mostly due to shorter hose or design limitations. Add more hose till it is long enough or modifies the path of the return jets. As for design limitations, you may want to buy a better cleaner
  • Air bubbles at the return line: Occurs due to air-leaks in the hose. You can fix this by tightening the connection or replacing the hose if it is faulty

You may experience other problems not appearing in the list above. In such cases, refer to your user manual for troubleshooting tips or call the dealer if the issue you are dealing with is not in the manual. Check Price: Best Sellers in Suction Pool Cleaners

✅ Pressure Pool Cleaners problems and fixes

The following are some of the common problems you may face while using a pressure-side automatic pool cleaner:

  • Cleaner Doesn’t Clean the Entire Pool: Occurs if your feed hose is too short or if you fail to adjust water jets. Fix by adding hose or adjusting water jets.
  • Cleaner operates slowly: Most result from a blocked inline strainer, loose or too tight wheels or insufficient pressure in the feed hose. So, you may want to clean the strainer, adjust the wheels accordingly and fix any leakage on the hose.
  • Cleaner stuck in one place: This may be due to a malfunctioning back-up valve or a case of too little feed hose. You can fix this by adding more feed hose and resetting the back-up
  • Tangled feed hose: Mostly due to incorrectly placed floats, stubborn kinks in the feed hose or swivels that don’t work. You can fix this by expanding your feed hose (laying them in the sun for hours) and making sure that the swivels turn freely.
  • Cleaner refuses to move at all: This may happen if the pool/booster pump is not running or debris bag is full. You can fix it by clearing any debris from the cleaner header and ensuring the filter pump is running.

As a precaution, never try mechanical repairs on your own. You are safer calling a professional or the company (during the warranty period) for replacements and repairs. Check Price: Best Sellers in Pressure Pool Cleaners

✅ Robotic Pool Cleaners problems and fixes

Robotic cleaners are the best cleaners money can buy. However, even the best always have a drawback or two. So, here are some problems you may encounter when using robotic cleaners and how to fix them:

  • Cleaner moves but doesn’t pick up the debris: This can result from a mechanical fault or software problem. To fix this, clean or replace brushes and reboot the machine to reset the software
  • Cleaner can’t cover the whole surface: Mostly due to ineffective route or poor navigation. Fix the error by realigning the cord.
  • Jerky and ineffective cleaner movements: Often occur due to clogging or software issues. Remove debris from the machine and submerge it in water to remove all air to fix.
  • Cleaner doesn’t move properly: This has something to do with the power supply or faulty wiring inside the robot. To fix, ensure power cord is not defective and reconnect the machine to the power source. You may also want to upgrade in case your device is an older model

Robotic pool cleaners rarely have problems. However, when they do, the fixes are simple and faster as long as you follow the user guide. Do not hesitate to consult a professional/dealer when the problem is something above your scope. Check Price: Best Sellers in Robotic Pool Cleaners

Best pool cleaner maintenance tips

Most of the problems you face with your automatic pool cleaner have something to do with poor maintenance. Since prevention is better than cure, do the following things to prolong the life of your cleaner and have it working without problems.

  • Ensure the screens of your pressure-side or suction-side pool cleaner is clean at all times.
  • Check the tires for defects at least once each season
  • Clean both the pool filtration system because a dirty pool filter will slow your automatic cleaner
  • Rinse your cleaner every time you pull it out of the pool
  • Check for the DIYs in your user guide before spending money on an expert


You pool cleaner will only function well or last longer with proper maintenance. You, therefore, should make it a habit to clean your automatic cleaners regularly. However, that’s not all, ensure you install or set up your cleaners (in case of pressure or suction cleaners) precisely according to the instructions in the user guide. Following the guide will prevent most of the problems. Most importantly don’t forget to clean your pool filtration system as it affects your cleaners operations and cleaning results.

Now, if you yet to buy an automatic pool cleaner, here are some of the best pool cleaners you can choose from.


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