Today we’re going to talk about the difference in automatic pool cleaners, discussing the differences between suction, pressure side and robotic cleaners.

First, suction automatic pool cleaners, work off the suction of the existing pool pump, and can easily be plugged into a skimmer, or designated cleaner line.

That means the cleaner is using the existing filtration system, DE cartridge or sand filters, and will only work as well as the filtration media to remove the dirt and debris. We carry Hayward Navigator Pro, Pool Vac Classic, Pool Vac XL, The Pool Cleaner, Zodiac T5, MX8, G3, Ranger, Kreepy Krauly Original, Kruiser and Great White.

Pressure side automatic pool cleaners: these cleaners roll around on wheels and use the pressure of the water either from a separate booster pump or with the existing pool pump to help propel them around the swimming pool.

The pressure is also what forces and keeps the debris into the bag, which is one of the greatest advantages to this type of cleaner.

Pressure cleaners are great at picking up large debris such as pine needles or leaves. These cleaners have a tail which assist in brushing the debris from the floor and the walls of the pool, and those particles are typically too fine to get trapped in the bag. We carry Letro Legend, Polaris 360, Polaris 380 and 9300.

NPS Pool & Spa supply also carries a wide range of robotic pool cleaners. These cleaners are the next generation of cleaners.

These cleaners are completely self-contained. That means that they work independently of your filtration system and do not require the use of the pump. Since they operate separately, they act as a secondary filter while in the pool.

They scrub, sweep and vacuum the pool. All the debris collected is contained inside the cleaner with a bag or a cartridge. Robotic cleaners use a standard GFCI protected 110 volt electrical supply, with a built in transformer to reduce the power down to a safe 24 volt device.

These cleaners are typically the fastest pool cleaners, and can clean any shaped pool up to 50 feet.

We carry Hayward Tiger Shark, the Tiger Shark QC, Aquabot XLS, the Pura 4x and 5x as well as the Polaris 9450.

Our in stock selection is vast. Come check out one of our superstores and see for yourself. MPS Pool & Spa Supply, home of the happy customer, and home of the happy pool.

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