5 Strong Reasons Why You Should Choose Robotic Pool Cleaner

Having a pool is the easy first step, ensuring it remains clean all year long is the real challenge. For some, owning a pool is slowing turning into an inconvenience as they spend more time maintaining the pool than they do swimming. Other pool owners have to endure backpains and sleep tired following hours of manually cleaning their pools. This is not supposed to be the case.

Several automatic pool cleaners can remove the burden of cleaning the pool from your soldier. But which of the pool cleaners should you go for? Well, the direct answer is to pick a robotic pool cleaner over any other category. While both suction and pressure-side pools are great and will handle most of your pool needs, they don’t come close to robotic cleaners regarding convenience.

Convenience (e.g., cutting your pool cleaning by more than half) aside, robotic pool cleaners will save you money in the end. With a robotic pool cleaner (i.e., an automatic cleaner that uses electricity and computer chip to move and clean your pool) you can enjoy a clean pool all year long.

✅ Why Choose Robotic Pool Cleaners?

A lot is going for robotic pool cleaners that place them ahead of other pool cleaners. The features, the technology, and the premium design are just part of the reason you should get a robotic cleaner for your inground or above ground pool. Also, robotic cleaners:

  • Give Best Cleaning Result: From bacteria to algae to leaves, robotic pool cleaners have the technology and enough power to rid your pool of debris. The powerful brushes and the inbuilt state-of-the-art filtration system can eliminate even chemical pollutants from your pool.
  • Are Easy to Maintain: Robotic cleaners are plug and play with maintenance as simple as emptying the debris cartridge.
  • Saves Water: Other automatic cleaners, especially the suction-side ones, depending on your pool filtration system to remove debris from your pool leading to frequent backwashing. Robotic cleaners work independently hence you won’t waste water cleaning the pool filtration system.
  • Keep Safe Pool Chemicals Levels: You need chlorine to kill germs in your pool, but not as frequent when using a robotic cleaner. The machines are powerful enough to eliminate algae and most pollutants saving you money you’d have spent on chemicals.
  • Saves Money: Considering buying a robotic pool cleaner is a one-off thing, it is cheaper than spending money to hire pool cleaners now and then.

That a robot uses electricity shouldn’t scare you from buying one. The machines are some of the most energy efficient gadgets today. In fact, you’ll spend 5 cents or less per cleaning hour.

Best ways to clean pool tiles

Most in-ground pools have tiled floors or walls. After a while, dirt/calcium build up on the tiles necessitating cleaning. The easiest way to go about cleaning a dirty tile is using an automatic pool cleaner (a robotic one where possible) to keep your pool clean all day long preventing the buildup of calcium on the tiles. Otherwise, there are other manual ways to keep your tiles clean

  • Removing Scaling: To get rid of calcium carbonate scaling you can use a pumice stone, a nylon bristle brush or spray with a calcium releaser
  • Using a pressure washer: using a steam pressure washer you can clean the dirtiest of tiles. Start by removing leaves, then test the washer on a small area before continuing to clean your tiles in sections.
  • Using acidic solution: Acidic solutions will dissolve the calcium and leave your tiles cleaner. Moreover, it is not a tricky procedure as all you need to do is drain your pool, remove debris turn the water valve on and add the acid. You may to put on protective clothing and use an acid brush to apply the solution on the walls.

Which of the above methods you use, your till will look new again. The previous advice remains though; you can avoid all the hassle by unleashing a robotic cleaner into your pool and forget about ever cleaning the pool tiles on your own any day.

How to keep pool water clean

Your pool is your resort during hot summer and therefore should always be clean. However, to ensure your water clean all year round may not be easy unless you know how to go about it. So, do the following to keep your pool water crystal clear:

  • Maintain Chemical Levels: Chlorine needs a correct pool PH to kill bacteria and germs effectively. Using a reliable water testing kit, check the pool PH and chlorine quantity. Adjust the PH and chlorine accordingly by adding acid/alkali and chlorine respectively. A PH of between 7.2 to 7.6 and chlorine content ranging from 1-3 parts per million is okay.
  • Shock the pool once a week: Apart from adding an algaecide, you may want to shock your pool to keep the water sparkling. Shocking your pool means super-chlorinating it to kill all the germs. For best results, you should purchase shock treatment from a reputable dealer
  • Backwashing: Your pool filtration system plays the vital role of eliminating debris apart from ensuring water circulation in your pool. As such, you need to clean the filter regularly to address clogging and cloudy Backwashing is the process of passing water through the filter in the opposite direction. To be on the safe side, backwash when the pool pressure is 5pps above normal.
  • Regular Skimming: Your pool filter is limited to small debris thus the need to skim the pool to remove leaves, insects, pebbles and small rocks. Skimming also decontaminates your pool water the more reason you should do it regularly.

How to handle pool cleaning chemicals

Transporting pool cleaning chemicals is one the most significant challenge a pool cleaner has to deal with. As the products shake during transport, they might release harmful chemicals fumes. On the other hand, the acid spills have a corrosive effect on the vehicle. So, how should transport and safely handle pool cleaning chemicals: Well, you need a trailer preferably with PVC pole holster and ventilation. That way, you are free from chemical poisoning (via fumes) and your vehicle safe from corrosion.

To be on the safe side, read the instructions on how to use pool chemical and what to do should there be spillage or swallowing.


From their working principles to the features they pack to how the features make them efficient and easy to use, robotic pool cleaners are in a class of their own in the world of pool cleaners. True, you need some initial capital to acquire a robotic cleaner, but this is nothing compared to the benefits you will reap.

Check out the best robotic pool cleaners today, take advantage of the discounted prices and spend more time enjoying your pool.


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