XtremepowerUS Automatic Suction Pool Cleaner

The XtremepowerUS Automatic Suction Pool Cleaner is a rising star in the inground pool cleaning category. It is a pool cleaner with packing some of the latest technologies to clean any in-ground pool the design notwithstanding. Whether your pool surface is made of concrete or vinyl, XtremepowerUS Automatic will clean it squeaky and faster.

XtremepowerUS is a simple suction pool cleaner by any standards. From its size to the design, the machine is portable and easy to operate an maintain. And, the price does betray the fact that XtremepowerUS Automatic parts are not replaceable. XtremepowerUS s is a versatile pool cleaner that gets the job done but costs less than an average day’s meal. And unlike other pool cleaners that require booster pumps and additional tools, XtremepowerUS Automatic Suction pool cleaner uses your pool filtration system ensuring you don’t spend extra money on energy.

The automatic cleaner uses water flow instead of electricity to work. XtremepowerUS, however, cannot clean pools measuring more than 32”. The limitation to specific pool sizes aside, the otherwise basic suction cleaner will always get the job done.

Features & Benefits

XtremepowerUS Suction Cleaner is ideal for inground pools as long as they measure less than 32 feet in length. But how does this machine achieve all this fete? Well, let’s look at the features to get for answers:

  • The XtremepowerUS has Silicone Ripple Cleaner that enables it to clean almost any type of pool surface with ease.
  • The Cleaner has Adjustable Hose Length to make it easier for you to position the cleaner based on the pool size
  • Has a Freely Moveable Flapper to reduce the chances of debris lodging inside the cleaner
  • The Suction Cleaner has an adjustable cleaner and diverter that enables clean the walls of your pool effortlessly.

The good thing about this machine is its tool-free installation. You don’t need any experience to install or operate  XtremepowerUS. And save for pool stairs/steps, XtremepowerUS can your walls the same way it the floor, i.e. a thorough, satisfying cleaning

✅ Why Buy XtremepowerUS Suction Cleaner?

Nothing sells this product than its. Unlike other suction pool cleaners that cost more to buy and repair, XtremepowerUS will serve you without a hitch for close to two years after which you only need to replace it. XtremepowerUS is what you go for if you want your inground pool clean at all times but reluctant to spend a fortune for the same.

Now, XtremepowerUS nothing near ‘cheap is expensive.’ You get premium service for the entire time it’s operational. No compromises from design, features and performance. So, what are you waiting for? Visit Amazon, read the user reviews (which will mostly serve to prove the pool cleaner is worth every dime) and buy one at an irresistible price.

You spend time on your pool, would it be too much if you invested a few dollars on XtremepowerUS to ensure you’re in-ground pool is ever clean and ready to use? I don’t think so.

✅ Buying Checklist

The decision to buy new or used XtremepowerUS Suction Pool Cleaner lies with you. It could be because of budget-related issues, or you want to buy a used to try out the product before investing in a brand new machine. What your choice, there are a few things that you must consider to ensure you get a good cleaner.

  • If buying used, always go for products from reputable sellers. You determine a reliable seller by reading reviews from customers or consulting an expert on Suction Pool Cleaners
  • If you are buying a new product, the reputable seller rule still applies, but it’s best if you ordered your pool cleaner directly from the manufacturer
  • Whether new or used XtremepowerUS, always insist on a warranty and where possible,
  • Always verify that all the features are as explained by the seller/manufacturer exist
  • Where possible, choose pay on delivery or go for products with a friendly return policy

Now, as a rule of the thumb, have the manufacturer or seller clear all your doubts before you make the order. If you are lucky enough to have a neighbour who owns XtremepowerUS Suction Cleaner, consult.

✅ How to use XtremepowerUS Automatic Pool Cleaner

XtremepowerUS Kreepy Krauly is one of the easiest to use pool cleaners in the market today. The user guide is also straightforward you won’t need external help to implement most of its content. Here is the summary of how to use the automatic cleaner:

  • Connect the hose to the skimmer or the main drain based on your preference
  • Gently insert the XtremepowerUS into the pool
  • Switch on your pool system and relax as the cleaning goes on
  • Switch of your filtration system when the pool is clean to your satisfaction

XtremepowerUS  Automatic Suction Pool cleaner works by pulling dirt and water into the filtration system via the vacuum after which the fresh water gets back into the pool through the return lines.

Pros and Cons

Most of the over 2000 customer reviews are in praise of XtremepowerUS pool cleaner. Here are some of the things pool owners lover about XtremepowerUS:

  • The fact that this Suction cleaner can clean all types of inground pools irrespective of their shape and surfaces
  • That it doesn’t use electricity nor needs extra tools to work
  • It is one of the cheapest Suction Cleaners considering performance
  • That XtremepowerUS is easiest to install and
  • Because it doesn’t require maintenance, you can replace after two years

But as you know, not everything is working for this basic pool cleaner. Some users didn’t like:

  • The fact that XtremepowerUS cant clean pool
  • The idea that the machine may not work well past 18 months from the date of purchase.

Overal XtremepowerUS has more working in its favour than the challenges. So, as far ease of use is concerned, XtremepowerUS Suction Cleaner passes with flying colours.


Considering the build quality and efficiency, XtremepowerUS Suction Cleaner is the most affordable pool cleaner out there. And most pool owners agree it is a must-have a tool to keep your inground pool clean at no extra cost.

The features compared to the few challenges paint a picture of an all-around pool cleaner; one that will climb walls and clean any pool surface in the shortest time. The tool is highly recommendable for it avails premium services for less.


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